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Year in review: Water Source's Top 10 most-read articles in 2023

2023 was the year of #UnitedbyWater as we celebrated National Water Week, Ozwater and more with the news and insights published on Water Source in 2023 reflecting a jam-packed 12 months. 

Information on global water initiatives, incredible results, eye opening treatments and celebrating water professionals attracted substantial attention. 

Check out our most popular stories from 2023 below and join us again next year for more on the latest innovations, trends, member news and analysis.

1. World-first treatment technology set to tackle nutrient runoff in the Great Barrier Reef and beyond

Nutrient runoff has long been known to damage the health of freshwater and marine ecosystems, but an award-winning, world-first technology using the power of seaweed is set to dramatically shift the dial on protecting water environments, including the Great Barrier Reef.

2. Sewer health campaign helps reduce network blockages in SA

South Australians have become substantially more responsible flushers over the past six months, with SA Water reporting a dramatic decline in sewer blockages compared to the previous year.

3. The best of Ozwater'23

Water professionals from across Australia and around the world gathered in Sydney last week for Ozwater’23 to share innovative ideas, connect with water community colleagues and inspire positive change. 

4. New research links global warming to increased ENSO variability

New climate modelling research from the CSIRO has showcased the link between human-caused climate change and the increased variability of El Niño and La Niña events.

5. 2023 National Water Awards Finalists

A recap of the incredible National Water Award finalists who competed for their respective awards at the Ozwater23 Gala Dinner earlier in May 2023. 

6. New report confirms global water cycle is changing

The global water cycle is changing, according to a new report, and while this might not be a surprise to the water sector, what these climatic shifts mean for the future of water management in Australia may be less well known. 

7. Pop-up pool initiative bolsters access to blue amenity for Sydney communities

One marker of urban liveability is access to blue and green amenities, and a leading utility has begun the process of ensuring everyone in Australia’s largest city can enjoy safe outdoor swimming without leaving their local community.

8. How to refurbish a WWTP in just six weeks – without taking it offline

One single wastewater treatment plant serves all of Byron Shire Council in northern New South Wales, which means that any maintenance operations that need to be carried out require careful planning.

9. Cholera crisis underscores importance of climate-resilient WASH

The extent and gravity of recent cholera outbreaks across more than 24 countries has placed the world on high alert, with the World Health Organisation raising the global crisis to a grade three emergency – the highest grade in the system.

10. New pumping station set to bolster growth in Sydney’s west

Since 2020, Sydney Water has been working on the construction of one of the largest water service infrastructure projects in the utility’s history.