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Guy Parker Award | Winning Paper 2022


A strategy to go beyond zero carbon: Yarra Valley Water has committed to go beyond zero carbon and set out a strategy on how to achieve this and maintain financial viability in doing so.


Membrane Loader for the Reverse Osmosis - feature image

Membrane Loader for the Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Replacement at Seqwater’s Gold Coast Desalination Plant

J Jo, H van der Zouwen

Although the Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes at Gold Coast Desalination Plant (GCDP) aged considerably well since plant commissioning ...


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Urban Water

Use of optimisation modelling to inform water strategy: a case study

M Bromly, M Shahabi, M Awang

Optimisation modelling was applied to understand the potential groundwater shortfall in Perth’s urbanising northeast ...

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Identifying alternative treatment options for removal of bushfire-related contaminants

A Mohiuddin, Y Wang, C Gabus, P Lingat

Sydney’s Warragamba catchment was severely burnt by bushfires during a period of extreme drought in 2019. Sydney Water carried out extensive water quality analysis and...

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Water Pipe

Biofiltration’s effect on removing pollutants in stormwater

B Dalrymple, M Wicks, W Jones, B Allingham

Over recent decades, the implementation of stormwater control measures (SCMs) to achieve a more water sensitive urban environment and reduce the hydrologic and water quality impacts of urban development has...

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Water Barrel

Evaluating and Comparing Circular Economy options in Yarra Valley Water’s 2030 Strategy

L Ehrenfried, J Bricout, T Grant, F Pamminger

This paper describes the development and application of a circular economy analysis framework created especially for water utilities, to inform strategy development and...

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Water distribution system

Smooth optimisation of demand patterns in water distribution system hydraulic model

S Hossain, G Hewa, C Chow, D Cook

This study proposes a new approach to obtain smooth demand patterns while calibrating water distribution system (WDS) hydraulic models using an automatic...

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