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Water distribution system

Smooth optimisation of demand patterns in water distribution system hydraulic model

S Hossain, G Hewa, C Chow, D Cook

This study proposes a new approach to obtain smooth demand patterns while calibrating water distribution system (WDS) hydraulic models using an automatic...


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Marine Life

New Guidance Values for Chlorine in Marine Waters

I Wallis, S Chidgey

Chlorinated seawater is discharged from coastal power plants, desalination plants and ship engines. A water quality limit for chlorine is required to ensure these discharges do not adversely impact the...


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Water tank

Using Digital Twin technology to improve inspection methods of high risk assets

V Coimbatore, E Boxall

Digital Twin (DT) technology has changed the way critical in-service assets such as elevated potable water tanks are inspected and condition assessed. With the advent of remote inspection practices, only minimal...

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Chemical bottles

Using chloramine trials to determine the impacts of water disinfection

C Veal, C Wong, P Sherman, P Wetherell, D Middleton, J Wain

Over 14-weeks during the Queensland summer (2019/2020), the chloraminated network received an elevated total chlorine residual (4.0 mg/L) as part of a trial to determine if this increased residual had any impact on...

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City skyline over harbour

Helping Australian cities transition to more sustainable water system services

B Rogers, C Chesterfield, K Hammer

Governments and water sector organisations in Australia, and increasingly in other nations, are beginning to adopt policies and agendas to improve urban liveability, particularly...

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Ensuring Perth, Western Australia, transitions to a leading water sensitive city

N Riethmuller, A Torre, S Shepherd, W MacLaurin, B Rogers, C Chesterfield

The climate of Perth, Western Australia, is becoming hotter and drier, while urban development and the demand for water continue to grow. No single organisation on its own...

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