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Connect with Australia’s largest water network

The Australian Water Association connects people, businesses and governments creating a sustainable water future.  Through our local, national and international network of 5,000 individual and business members we share information and opportunities, and connect to inspire positive change. 

Events, awards and specialist networks position our members as leaders in innovative water management. Build a career or build a business with support from our water community. 

AWA Diversity & Inclusion Statement

At the Australian Water Association, we are committed to fostering a safe and welcoming culture where everyone feels valued and included. We understand the transformative power of diversity.

We actively encourage the sharing of ideas and connections that inspire growth through our events, content and programs.

We invite you to be your true self, and we pledge to uphold our commitment to positive change, consistently evolving towards a more inclusive and sustainable future.


Who are AWA members 

Water utilities and authorities  
Local, state and federal government agencies 
Energy providers 
Universities and research organisations  
Manufacturers and suppliers
Laboratories and water testing companies 
Mining and resources 
Agriculture, aquaculture and irrigation  
Technology and IoT companies 
Infrastructure partners  
Specialist contractors 
Consulting and advisory companies 


Since 1962 we’ve connected people and organisations working with water. 

1960s – An Association begins 
The Australian Water and Wastewater Association creates 4 branches (QLD, NSW, VIC, SA) with post-war installation of water and sanitation high on the agenda.  The 1st Federal Convention held in 1964  

1970s – The water network grows 
3 more branches added (WA, TAS, NT) 

1980s – Open membership 
1st AWWA Executive Director appointed, Peter Hughes and membership open to anyone interested in water 

1990s – Ozwater is born 
15th Federal Convention held on the Gold Coast with the exhibition titled Ozwater. AWWA dropped wastewater to become the Australian Water Association (AWA) 

2000s – Expanding networks 
AWA registered as a company with Specialist Networks and the ANZBP formed. IWA Australia Committee recognised as a branch of AWA 

2010s – Building strong connections 
1st delegation to Vietwater, Channeling Change program launched and Strategy’22 introduced.  

2020s – Challenge, change, and 60 years of AWA 
In person Ozwater cancelled for the first time and the first Ozwater online held. Ozwater’21 returns as the largest business event in Australia since COVID began.  In 2022 we celebrate 60 years of advocating for people and organisations working with water and committed to a sustainable water future. 

Detailed History Past Presidents


Developed by and for AWA members, Strategy’25 is our three-year strategic and 10 year aspiration plan – supporting our vision to inspire and drive a sustainable water future. 

Strategy'25 was developed with our members, focusing on our key areas of member experience, water for sustainable and resilient communities, and Indigenous and community collaboration.

See Strategy'25


We're committed to promoting and developing activities that improve the understanding of indigenous culture and connection to water and Country. 

We understand that greater and more meaningful engagement and collaboration with First Nations people is required to achieve a sustainable water future. And as such, we are proud to say the following are now part of our core activities: 

    • Focussed articles and content shared with members
    • Welcome or Acknowledgement to Country features at all events
    • An indigenous keynote speaker is now an integral part of Ozwater, 
    • Indigenous scholarships have been made available, 
    • NAIDOC and Reconciliation Week is celebrated each year
In October 2023 we also launched our inaugural Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).  

We will be taking the opportunity to showcase the significant artwork of our Principal Members, RAPs at Ozwater and their commitment to reconciliation.



The AWA is led by a CEO and Senior Leadership Team with team members across the country 

CEO - Corinne Cheeseman  

CEO since May 2020, Corinne has more than 20 years of water business experienceCorinne leads the team in championing change, driving digital transformation and delivering strategic objectives. She reports to the Board of Directors. 

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Board of Directors 
The Association’s Board ensures we fulfil our purpose and is ultimately accountable for the sustainability, solvency and legal obligations of the Association. 

The skills-based Board meets at least 6 times a year. All Directors are AWA members from nomination through their term of office.  

Strategic Advisory Council 
The Strategic Advisory Council (SAC) consists of two representatives from each AWA branch and one representative from each Sustaining Member organisation.  The SAC selects Directors for ratification at the AGM and assists in the development of our strategy.   

Australian Water Association Limited is a company limited by guarantee and a charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). 

AWA operates under a constitution, supporting by-laws, and in line with policies and procedures.   

Nominate to become an AWA Director

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The Australian Water Association (AWA) Board is a skills-based Board elected by the Strategic Advisory Council (SAC) every two years. The SAC comprises members appointed to represent the Branches and Sustaining Members. 

AWA members are invited to nominate for a position on the Board for a 2-year term commencing May 2023. Directors selected by the SAC will be declared and ratified at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 17 November 2022. 

The AWA Board shall be no less than six (6) and no more than nine (9) directors subject to Clause 14.2 of AWA’s Constitution. Of the 9 available positions on the Board at least four (4) re-nominating Directors, including the President and President Elect, must be re- appointed to the board, subject to ratification at annual general meeting. The SAC will select the Board in accordance with Clauses 14.3 and 14.4 of the Constitution. 

Nominate to become a Director
Nomination Requirements
Peter Dennis

Peter Dennis, President


Chris Bulloch

Dr Sandra Hall

Dr Sandra Hall

Clare Porter

Clare Porter

Shelley Shepherd

Shelley Shepherd

Daniel Sullivan

Daniel Sullivan

Eric Vanweydeveld

Eric Vanweydeveld

Kevin Werksman

Kevin Werksman


Chair: Kevin Werksman

Members: Dan Sullivan, Chris Bulloch and Peter Dennis

AWA Executive Sponsor: Kylie Hawker

Terms of Reference 

Chair: Sandra Hall  

Members: Kevin Werksman, Clare Porter, Eric Vanweydeveld and Shelley Shepherd 


AWA Executive Sponsor: Rachael Corby

Terms of Reference

The Australian Water Awards Assessment Panel supports the MX Subcommittee of the Board.

Chair: Peter Dennis 

Members: Sandra Hall, Shelley Shepherd and Clare Porter


AWA Executive Sponsor: Corinne Cheeseman 

Terms of Reference

Chair: Daniel Sullivan 

Members: Peter Dennis, Chris Bulloch, Eric Vanweydeveld and Shelley Shepherd  


AWA Executive Sponsor: Sally Armstrong 

Terms of Reference


Our Annual Report and Year in Review provides a snapshot of our strategic and member achievements and include our financial statements.


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