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Connecting the Australian and International Water Community

Our international program profiles and positions the expertise and experience of our members and the wider Australian water sector to play a key role internationally.


Shares water knowledge and technology innovation of the Australian water sector with the demand for this internationally 


Connects the Australian and international water community through a platform of aid and trade activities


Inspires a sustainable water future and profiles those working with water in Australia and their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals


Connecting the expertise and innovations of our members with the growing demand from the Asia-Pacific is at the core of the Association’s International Program. Our focus on the Asia-Pacific has allowed us to grow AWA’s international network to over 85,000 water professionals through our partner organisations and given our members reciprocal access to market opportunities and information. 

The International Program strives to provide value and opportunity to all members: 

For water  utilities  we facilitate utility-to-utility knowledge sharing partnerships. 

For Government members we facilitate government and non-government relationships  to share  Australia’s policy and regulatory experiences. 

For our private sector corporations and SME members we facilitate market access, business partnerships, brand profiling, tender opportunities, and technology demonstrations. 

For our R&D members we showcase Australia’s R&D skills and capabilities creating economic gateways. 

We connect young water professionals and offer opportunities to participate in Australian and international water events. 

We currently work in the following countries: 


WUIP South East Water Cambodia

Water Utility Improvement Programs

Our Water Utility Improvement Programs connect water utilities from Australia and South East Asia to share knowledge and innovation to support improved water and wastewater services.

This is a highly effective way for sharing Australian expertise with developing countries striving to achieve universal access to safe drinking water and wastewater services.

COVID Surveillance Program

SARS-CoV-2  Environmental Wastewater  Surveillance Program 

AWA has partnered with Water Research Australia to transfer leading Australian innovation in the environmental surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 to support the Governments of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand to prepare, respond and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

YWP International Program

Young Water Professionals International Program

We recognise the need to support the development of future water leaders within Australia as well as across South East Asia. The Association actively searches for opportunities to bring young water professionals together both online and in-person.

Vietnam Australia Water Innovation Online Trade Platform 489x260px

Vietnam Australia Water Innovation Online Trade Platform 

The Online Trade Platform, a joint initiative by AWA and the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association showcases a broad range of Australian and Vietnamese companies featuring the latest innovations in water technology products and services.

Visit the Online Trade Platform
Inbound Outbound Delegations

Inbound & Outbound Delegations

Our inbound tours allow Australian water companies to showcase their services and products to international audiences without leaving Australia while our outbound delegations are a platform to showcase water services and products to new and emerging water markets. 

Technology Demonstrations

Technology Demonstrations

AWA has facilitated 15 separate innovative technology demonstrations  with our members that are now providing over 150,000L of safe drinking water per day across 13 rural provinces and communes in Vietnam and Cambodia - enough drinking water to meet the needs of over 70,000 people. 


To find out how  you or your organisation can get involved contact ustoday.