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Choose your water connections

Our 11 Specialist Networks provide a platform for members to share expertise across water management specialisations. From catchment management to water literacy and efficiency, members opt-in to hear from the networks of their choice.  

The networks are overseen by multidisciplinary committees of water professionals and practitioners committed to sharing information to drive a sustainable water future.  



Asset Management

Connects asset managers and professionals to build best practice strategies in the field, optimise asset value, and boost capability through community.
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Catchment Management

Supports collaboration to inform integrated catchment management, and advocates for consistent national catchment management standards.
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Raises awareness of desalination technologies and the critical role they play in water security for peers and the community.
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Gives an Australia-wide voice to public and private operations professionals across catchments, treatment and transport.
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Regional, Rural & Remote water

Active advocates for regional water issues and the supply of safe drinking water, allocation of water resources, and the impacts of climate change.
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Water for All

Supports equitable access to clean drinking water and sanitation across Australia by 2030 in line with Sustainable Development Goal 6.
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Industrial Water & Trade Waste

Supports best practice industrial wastewater management to ensure safety and compliance, safeguard assets, and facilitate water recycling.
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Water Literacy & Education

Drives increased water literacy and education in schools and the wider community to expand the scope, scale and impact of water education. 
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Water Efficiency

Leads the national conversation on water efficiency, affordability and resilience, and advocates for water efficiency as not just a crisis response.
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Water Quality

Strengthens water quality technical and integrative expertise by evaluating new and emerging technologies, showcasing research, and supporting development of national standards.
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Water Recycling

Sharing recycling knowledge and resources to ensure a reliable, climate-resilient and economically sound water source for Australian communities, industries and agriculture.
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Yes. You require individual membership (professional or concession) to join a Specialist Network and their relevant member circles. This membership is also required should you wish to nominate for a Special Network committee. 

Just login as a Member (top right-hand corner of your screen) to select or update your specialist network preferences.  It is recommended that you select no more than 3 or 4 specialist networks to ensure that you can maximise your engagement with those that are of most interest to you.