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Specialist Networks Water Recycling


 Australia needs to ensure water security in a drying and variable climate. Recycled water can provide a reliable, climate-resilient, and economically sound source of water, which can be an important component of a robust and resilient water supply system. Water recycling involves the recovery or reclamation of water from wastewater for potable (drinking) or non-potable use, which can be supplied back to the water system either directly or indirectly.   

The objectives of this network are to: 
Facilitate meaningful networking and knowledge sharing opportunities  
Promote water recycling as a source of water for Australia’s communities, industries and agriculture 
Provide forums to discuss current water recycling topics and issues 


Yunal Kumar, Yarra Valley Water 
Jonathan Knudsen, Aurecon

Committee Members 
Pam Kerry, South East Water
Marty Hancock, WaterRA
Lalji Rathod, Townsville City Council
Tom Stephanou, Greater Western Water
Dr Kathy Northcott, Veolia
Farhana Rifat, Sydney Water
Dr John Radcliffe, CSIRO
Shane Tyrell, Aurecon
Chiew Wong, Stantec


Member circles are exclusive to AWA members and provide an opportunity to share knowledge with likeminded professionals and practitioners.  To receive your invite to our next member circle, login and ensure you have Water Recycling selected as one of your Specialist Network preferences.


The technical interests of this network include:

Stormwater harvesting, effluent reuse, aquifer recharge / water banking, and purified recycled water

The role of recycled water in long term water security and resilience

Development of nationally consistent legislation

Ensuring water recycling guidelines and regulations are periodically reviewed in the light of developing science

Research and development focussed on water recycling topics and objectives

Monitoring programs and technical data

Emerging technologies and fostering innovation in technology and project delivery    

Water recycling treatment processes and water quality 

Industry and community awareness and understanding through education and demonstration 

Community engagement for water recycling and social acceptance 

Costs, commercial risk and economical viability of recycled water schemes 

Plant operations and scheme optimisation 


Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling
Recycled water when produced and used according to Australian guidelines is safe to humans and the environment. The Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling (AWGR) provides the reference for producing and using recycled water in a safe way, ensuring it is suitable for its end use.  

The guidelines series were produced in two phases. 
Phase 1  established a complete set of guidance for the management of health and environmental risks associated with recycled water. 
Phase 2  extended on specific aspects of the Phase 1 guidance. 

These guidelines are part of the National Water Quality Management Strategy. 
AGWR uses a state-of-the-art risk management approach that adopts the Hazard Analysis and Critical Point (HACCP) system to manage risks, which requires producers and managers of recycled water to develop water production, operations and management systems to safeguard human and environmental health. The AGWR requires that a treatment technology or process be validated before the water recycling scheme is operational. Validation is the confirmation that the treatment technology meets the specified performance targets.

Water Recycling Fact Sheet

Recycled Water Sources

Purified Recycled Water for Drinking (PRWD)

Water Recycling in Australia

Purified Recycled Water Position Statement



Member Engagement Manager 
Nahia Islam
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