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AWA Desalination Specialist Networks


This network is committed to raising the awareness of desalination technologies for supply, reuse, reclamation, purification, and treatment to improve Australia’s management of our greatest resource - water.   
The network has a mission to enhance communication and networking among industry peers. Using the extensive knowledge, research, and ‘real-life experience gained in Australia from the early 1970s, we seek to promote desalination technologies for the treatment of brackish groundwater, saline mine water, seawater, industrial water and innovative water reuse. As part of this mission, we seek to encourage research, the dissemination of information and to support education in the fields of desalination in Australia. We are also committed to improving communication to the Australian community about desalination and water reuse and their critical role in providing reliable and sustainable water sources to achieve water security across Australia.  

The Committee also has strong links with the International Desalination Association (IDA).  AWA is a Regional Affiliate with a representative on the IDA Board (Dr Mike Dixon), and we also have links with the eleven other affiliates of the IDA. 


The committee comprising experienced practitioners who are AWA members from the public and private sectors is keen to promote the interchange of ideas, knowledge and experience between AWA members with an interest in desalination.  Collaboration opportunities occur through national and international conferences, Branch meetings, awards nights, webinars and direct introductions between like-minded water professionals.  

We welcome ideas and suggestions from our AWA members for discussion at our quarterly Committee meetings. 

What needs do you have the network may help meet? What challenges are you facing in your role that could benefit from a member circle forum discussion to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome?| 
To get in touch reach out to our Member Engagement Manager (details below). 

George De Cicco, Water Rentals

Scott Murphy, Veolia 

Committee Members 
Andrew Head, ECOLAB 
Blair Shackleton (retired)
Daniel Visser, GHD  
Gary Crisp, Sequana Partners 
Matthew Blaikie, Sydney Desalination Plant
Neil Palmer, Osmoflo 
Robert Heilbronn, Plexus Water
Rodney Glocer, Steel Mains
Roomi Mohamed Subair, Consultant 
Sean McCagh, RO-TEG
Sophie Leterme, Flinders University


Member circles are exclusive to AWA members and provide an opportunity to share knowledge with like-minded professionals and practitioners.  To receive your invite to our next member circle, log in and ensure you have Desalination selected as one of your Specialist Network preferences. 


The objectives of the Desalination Specialist Network are:  

Provide a forum to facilitate interaction between members 

Provide a mechanism for members to share and seek information, experiences and knowledge 

Provide a forum for the presentation of material of general interest to the network members 

Provide a mechanism to coordinate production of desalination subject material for issue to other parties or the public through the AWA 


Desalination Fact Sheet

New Developments in Desalination

WHO Guidelines for Desalinated Water 

International Desalination Association (IDA) 
The International Desalination Association (IDA) is the world’s leading resource for information and professional development for the global desalination industry. IDA is the only global association focused exclusively on desalination and desalination technologies. 

IWA Specialist Groups 

AWA is the Governing Member for IWA in Australia, and this network encourages the connection with these IWA Specialist Groups 

Membrane Technology

American Membrane Technology Association (AMTA)
AMTA provides broad opportunities for the exchange of technical, operational and financial information among individuals and organizations interested in membrane technologies. As the leading advocate of membrane processes in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America, AMTA is a strong voice for regulatory and legislative reforms essential to the understanding, acceptance and utilization of membrane technologies. 

AMTA Fact sheets  

AMTA offers access to their proprietary Fact Sheets, a series of technical papers authored specifically for AMTA by professionals in every field of water treatment expertise. These sheets provide information on every aspect of membrane technology, system design, application, operation, and key industry definitions.  



Desalination Specialist Network Coordinator
Kyllie Whitehead  

Email: | Ph: 02 9467 8420 or 
Get in touch using the Contact Us form