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AWA Water for All Specialist Networks


This network has a main goal to  facilitate initiatives around equality in water & sanitation and sustainable water management in Australasia. While substantial progress has been made in increasing access to clean drinking water and sanitation, there is still an equity and access issue for some parts of Australia. 

Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG 6) is to ensure access to water & sanitation for all by 2030 – our focus will be on how we can continue to drive ‘water for all’ here in Australia and by also working with our international partners. This network will be guided by the targets of SDG6


We are driven by the desire to provide access to water & sanitation for all by 2030. We want to empower others working in water to take up this challenge.  SDG 6 is not a goal that only affects people internationally. There are many communities in Australia that do not have access to safe water and sanitation. This committee is passionate about ensuring that no community or group are disadvantaged through the access to services that most of us take for granted. 

If you would like to contribute to the goal, have a story to tell or would just like to be informed, please contact us (details below).  

Martina De Zilva

Committee Members 
David Kirby, Beca 
Gowri Pincombe, GHD 
Kala Senathirajah, University of Newcastle  
Mark Trembath, Water Aid  
Norman Walker, SMEC
Lachlan Guthrie, Aurecon
Richard Clark, Water Select
Janath Chandrasekera Caldera
Meg Cummins, Aurecon
Glenn Fernandes, NSW Public Works Advisory



Member circles are exclusive to AWA members and provide an opportunity to share knowledge with like-minded professionals and practitioners.  To receive your invite to our next member circle, login and ensure you have Water for All selected as one of your Specialist Network preferences.


The objectives of this network are:  

 To make a difference by being a voice for others 
Increase awareness of domestic issues across remote Australian communities 
Grow the specialist network among AWA members 
Contribute to Australian sector thinking about SDGs and access to services 
Bring experiences and skills from international development into the Australian water sector 
Influence water professionals to embrace SDGs in Australia 
Quantify the issue in Australia until we know the extent how we can address it 
Define what safe drinking water and adequate sanitation means 
Monitor progress on SDG6 achievements for the Australian water sector 

And we do this through: 
Bringing like-minded professionals together to discuss challenges and share ideas  during member circle forums and discussions 

Periodic newsletters, articles and other publications to share ideas 

Virtual presentations to educate and facilitate debate and discussion 

Collaboration with other AWA branches and/or specialist networks developing synergies and added value to projects to promote SDG 6

Participate in conferences, such as facilitating workshops to stimulate reflection on current practices 

Collaborate with partners and stakeholders to promote projects that will work towards achieving the objectives of the Water for All Specialist Network 


SDG Fact Sheet.

SDG Discussion Paper


Manager, Membership and Programs
Tanya Cameron
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