Specialist Networks

Specialist Networks

The Australian Water Association has 11 Specialist Networks (SN). Each network provides a platform for members to share knowledge and expertise linked to a particular area of water management with the wider membership base. The networks play an important role in sharing information and knowledge, connecting members with like-minded professionals, and inspiring positive change. 

See below for more information on our 11 specialist networks. 

Current Specialist Networks 

Connect with any of our Specialist Networks

All Australian Water Association members can login and update their member profile to choose the specialist networks they want to connect with and receive dedicated information about breaking news, latest research or specific industry events relevant to the network. To find out more about the benefits of joining the Australian Water Association, head on over to our Membership page.

Specialist Networks Committees

Each SN has a committee whose role is to assist in the planning and delivery of fulfilling the Association’s core principals. Each committee consists of a maximum of 10 members who meet bi-monthly (via teleconference).

Being part of a SN committee provides you with great networking opportunities with a diverse range of professionals, often from different parts of the country who are all keen to share their knowledge and experience.

Australian Water Association professional members are eligible to sit on a SN committee. Between nomination periods, if there are vacant committee places, members may join at the discretion of the convenor(s). If you would like to join a Specialist Network committee, please contact networks@awa.asn.au to see what vacancies are currently available.