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Launching the SA Mentoring Program for 2023-24

The mentor/mentee program gives dedicated and enthusiastic early-career water professionals the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge, and technical expertise under the guidance of established water industry colleagues. For mentors, it’s a chance to share hard-earned knowledge with the next generation of water leaders while developing leadership skills.

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This year we had a wonderful response with 26 Mentees registering to be part of the program being personally matched to Mentors. This is a record for SA and demonstrates the growing need for the program as well as an engaged and professional water sector.

The mentoring program was launched at GHD's new cafe area and was a great success with Mentees meeting for the first time with their Mentors. Thanks to GHD for sponsoring the event where attendees warmed up with some ice breaker activities and then great conversation about what they want to get out of the program over a delicious breakfast and coffee.

Whether as a Mentee where you get coaching from a water superstar to fast-track your ambitions, or perhaps you're an established water professional keen to make a difference as a Mentor to an up-and-coming water expert this program is made for that to be achieved.

The program runs for one year (November 23 to October 24) but your relationship doesn’t have to end there - some mentoring relationships last a lifetime! 

Thank you to our Host Sponsor

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