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Podcast - Water Supply, Security and Resilience

Peter Carroll, Service Line Leader, Water Treatment and Desalination for GHD joins Jo Taranto to discuss why he got into water, his involvement in the Ozwater'23 Water Leaders Forum and more.

What made you interested in a career in water?

I fell into engineering out of school, felt like I wanted to make a positive difference. Early in my career I started at GHD as a graduate in 2006 and that was when the millennium drought was starting to roar up. Through coincidence of where I was sitting at work, I ended up working on a Victorian desalination project and saw first hand at how close Victoria was to running out of water. A drastic measure was needed in the form of big infrastructure. It was one of my first exposures to what does water supply mean for our communities?

Is manufactured water just desalination or something else?

Manufactured water is an umbrella for a supply of water for all the sources of water that humans are able to produce from what's around them and not relying on the natural sources like rainfall.

What role does manufactured water play in our natural water cycle?

The recycling component may have significant benefits, it's a case-by-case basis. Avoiding and reducing the discharge of wastewater into the environment by reusing it positively reduces the impact on our environment and reduces our option to use natural sources.

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