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Water landscapes from around the world

In the current state of the world, a lot of us are missing being able to travel, but it hasn’t stopped some us from planning our next trip abroad (whenever that might happen!). We hope that these photos from water landscapes around the world will give you some inspiration.

In this edition, we share with our readers the following water story:

Diana Gonzalez Botero shares a few photos from her (pre-COVID-19) travels to the Amazon Rainforest, Sri Lanka and a few spots in Pacific Island countries where she works. Diana is always drawn to water and hopes you enjoy these photos of water landscapes from around the world.

Amazon River While traveling in a traditional canoe in the Amazon River, on the border between Colombia and Peru, a small monkey called Lulu jumped on board and joined our journey.

People on the Amazon River It is not surprising to see so many canoes in the Amazon, as the river and its tributaries reach more places than roads do. People go out to fish, sell their produce and cross the borders via fluvial transport.

Lion Rock in Sri Lanka Lion Rock in Sri Lanka.

At top of the Lion Rock, or Sigiriya in Sri Lanka Atop the Lion Rock, or Sigiriya in Sri Lanka, almost 200m high, I was amazed to see a complex ancient irrigation system that uses underground canals and artificial pools to supply water to what used to be a kingdom in 300 BCE! It is one of the most complex water systems of the ancient world, and a site worth visiting. It is no wonder this place is often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world.

Fiji On a trip to Fiji to conduct fieldwork in rural communities, the research team travelled to Kadavu, a province known for its rich marine biodiversity and breathtaking landscapes. This was the view from the small plane that took us from Suva to Kadavu Province.

Fieldwork in Fiji The fieldwork in Fiji consisted of collecting data about community-based water management through interviews, group discussions, household surveys, sanitary risk assessments and water quality testing using compartment bags.

During a trip to the outer islands in Kiribati During a trip to the outer islands in Kiribati to conduct a WASH in Schools assessment, we travelled to schools by boat and dirt bikes.

Jumping in the lagoon to fish On one occasion, while traveling by boat, the people who rented us their boat took the opportunity to jump in the lagoon to fish, and came back with an octopus, clams, and many bright-coloured fish. Kiribati is facing serious challenges related to climate change, and have become a symbol of climate action.

Research project in the Solomon Islands One of my current research projects in the Solomon Islands looks at community-based water management in rural communities. In this coastal village, everyone goes out to fish, like this girl who is getting ready to go fishing after we finish interviewing her mum.

Efate island Vanuatu, like many Pacific island countries, is formed by several small islands, each unique. I took this photo in Efate island, a short drive from Port Vila, the capital.


We are calling for submissions of photographs (professional or otherwise) to be published in future editions of the Queensland Source. Please submit your water snapshot to <a href=""></a> with your name, and a location or caption. We want to hear about your water story and there is no better way than through the sharing of photos!