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WWTP review brings council $400,000 in savings

New South Wales’ Hawkesbury City Council has saved around $400,000 thanks to a review of treatment operations and processes at its South Windsor Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The review identified key areas of treatment and process improvement, including more efficient chemical dosing pumps and variable speed drives, which optimise chemical consumption.

This helped reduce energy costs, through reduced chemical and equipment use, and was applied alongside an updated supervisory control and data acquisition computer system that monitors and controls the treatment process.

The Mayor of Hawkesbury Councillor Mary Lyons-Buckett said the new efficiencies and savings have been very successful, and praised the wastewater operations staff for their contribution to the community.

“Congratulations to the… staff for their commitment to making improvements and reducing council’s costs, which will ultimately benefit our community,” Lyons-Buckett said.

Cost savings were also made through a reduction in chemical usage through better management of plant performance at the wastewater treatment plant at South Windsor, which uses a number of chemicals as part of the treatment process.

The chemical usage has been reduced by developing a better understanding of the chemical and biochemical processes occurring at the treatment plant.

This included changes to chemicals application in the system, resulting in fewer chemicals added by taking advantage of the natural biological process within the treatment plant.