WA Annual Conference:Water Security: Technology & Ethics

WA Annual Conference:Water Security: Technology & Ethics
What are the possibilities for the future of the water industry with the collection of big data and the internet of things? Do we understand the risks? What policy is needed and what are the ethical considerations? This year’s Water Conference will look at the intersection between the future of smart technology and ethics as we proceed towards securing our water future. We will explore current and future possibilities of smart water systems, the opportunities and risks of big data and how it can be used, and what role regulation plays are just some of the topics which will be discussed – this year’s Conference is not to be missed!


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 Thursday, June 22 2017
Time: 9:00AM for 9:30AM start
Venue: Parmelia Hilton Hotel, Perth

The water industry is faced with the opportunity to embrace the advancement of emerging smart technologies. The integration of the physical world with the digital world offers endless opportunities for application, but at the same time presents future challenges on risk management, development of policy, regulation and ethics. This Conference will bring together water industry leaders from private, government, and research organisations around this central theme. This is a fantastic opportunity for industry professionals to showcase their knowledge and contributions on how the water industry can embrace smart technologies moving into the future, discuss what they learned from their experiences, and to broaden their minds and thinking. 

This Conference is hosted by the AWA WA Professional Development Sub-Committee.

The full day program has been tailored for delegates with a range of backgrounds including utility, government, research, policy development, private consulting and industry engagement. Keynote speakers and presenters will share their experience, and facilitate discussion by challenging and inspiring delegates beyond their education and workplace capabilities.

Benefits of Attending
Represent yourself and your organisation at a state conference and promote your ideas to research, industry and government representatives
Contribute to the discussion on developing the future of the water industry
Network with other industry and experienced water professionals and build connections for future collaboration
Continuing professional development over one whole day through presentations, workshops and networking

Key Themes:
SESSION 1 & 2: The Internet of Things (IOT) in the Water Industry
What IOT technology is currently being used in the water industry?  
What are the possibilities for the future of IOT technology for the water industry?
What IOT Technology is needed in the future for the water industry? What does the future look like?
How can we utilise big data to benefit customers and the community?
How can the water industry utilise machine learning?
What examples are there of smart water and wastewater systems (Case Study)? 
What emerging technologies could be used in the water industry?
Smart technology solutions and sustainability?

SESSION 3: Risks versus Reward
Is there such a thing as too much data? -High quality data versus high quantity of data.
What are the challenges of dealing with big data?
What could be the impacts if a water or wastewater system is compromised/hacked? 
What are the risks around misuse of data (private, corporate, industry, etc)? 
Are the benefits worth the risks?
What are the costs of implementing IOT technology in water or wastewater schemes? 
Are the benefits worth the costs?
Is development happening too fast ?
What is the fail safe plan?

SESSION 4: Policy and Ethics 
How do privacy and individual rights get impacted?  Should people be concerned?
Who owns the collected data?
How much can automation and smart systems impact job creation and job losses? 
To what extent do we allow IOT/smart systems to control part of the water industry?  
How much regulation around IOT/smart systems currently exists?  Is regulation keeping up with the technology, and what are the dangers if it doesn’t? 


 Please contact Siobhan Jennings for the discount code if you are not a member but your employer is so that you can register at the member rate.

Registrations opening next week

If you have any questions please contact Siobhan Jennings on 0448 146 222 or sjennings@awa.asn.au

Cancellation Policy: There are no refunds for cancellations however substitute delegates are accepted at no additional cost.
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Non Member
 Individual $240 $315
Group of 4 $815  $1,070
Discount Member (Retired, student)   $180
 Breakfast & Conference  Coming Soon
22/06/2017 9:30 AM - 22/06/2017 6:00 PM
Perth, WA

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