Inspire Online Learning Series: Innovative Solutions

Inspire Online Learning Series: Innovative Solutions
Join us for the fifth webinar in the Inspire Online Learning Series on Innovative Solutions.
Innovation has an important role to play in delivering ‘Smart Assets, Smart Workforce, Improved Customer Experience’ which is the theme for this webinar. 

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Tuesday, 31 August 2021
5.00pm - 6.30pm (AEST)
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Members - $40 (or register for all six webinars in the series for $99)
Non-members - $60
Students - $20

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The water industry faces significant challenges to maintain secure and reliable service provision in the context of climate change, ageing infrastructure, urban growth, irrigation demand and with investment capacity constrained by user affordability. Traditional urban water, sewer and drainage networks are essentially separate ‘dumb networks’, to operate in a pre-set mode, requiring manual intervention to change the mode of operation. Networks are also typically lazy civil assets designed for the extreme worst case events and 99.9% of the time the capacity is under utilised.

At the same time the community is confronted by these challenges, the world is experiencing an explosion in technological innovation that presents an opportunity to transform ‘dumb’ separate networks into ‘Intelligent Networks’ to cater for the more complex integrated networks required for Cities of the Future.

This webinar highlights some of the exciting innovations that are emerging as solutions to these challenges.


sing smart meter data, understanding of water use and loss to improve water efficiency for customers.

Areas of work include large-scale in-home retrofitting, smart water metering, businesses and schools, and water efficiency communications, retail propositions, online tools, customer advice and delivering demand reduction targets. 

Andrew Tucker – Demand Reduction Strategy Manager at Thames Water (UK)

Andrew is the Demand Reduction Strategy Manager at Thames Water and is responsible for strategic direction of water savings through metering, water efficiency and customer engagement. Andrew is overseeing the development and delivery of multiple initiatives on household and business customers - delivered in parallel with Thames Water smart metering rollout and as large-scale bespoke demand management initiatives. 

Vyntelligence is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool using Smart Video Notes to capture site based information via a mobile device, categorise it and assign the next best action. It can be used by customers to report a leak or fault, field staff to update on job progress/ safety, and supervisors to perform site inspections and audits It is fully customisable and can be integrated to suit any utility workflow, Work Orders or Asset IDs to create greater situational and operational intelligence.

Ancel Boucher - VP Sales at Vyntelligence

Ancel Boucher founded his career in the industry with 7 years at Severn Trent Water (STW), working in operational, procurement and technology roles. Leveraging experience from STW’s SAP programme, he joined IBM to work on complex transformation programmes, one of which included a 2 year secondment with Water Corporation, WA. Moving into Account Management, he ended his time at IBM as Head of Sales for the utilities sector. Ancel joined Vyntelligence as VP Sales in 2021. He works with UK and Northern Europe utilities clients to fundamentally change how they engage with & delight their customers.


IoT with real-time monitoring and control is the game-changer to secure our water supply in the face of the pressures of climate change, population growth and urbanisation.  This presentation will share the experiences of developing and deploying new technology and innovations from the two fronts of water savings and alternative water sources, and how they are changing the customer experience and network operations.

David Bergman - Research, Development and Innovation Manager at South East Water
David is the Research & Development Manager at South East Water, and has been in that role since 2015. Creating value from waste, making passive systems smart, use of alternative waters, effective use of data are areas of particular interest. With a PhD in Chemistry, David has worked in R&D roles in chemicals, detergents, food, manufacturing and now water and wastewater.  He is passionate about innovation and delivery of solutions that make a difference.

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