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Young Water Professionals host exciting Careers Night for students at Western Sydney University

The Australian Water Association (AWA), in collaboration with Western Sydney University, hosted an illuminating Young Water Professional Career Night on 14th March 2024 at the university's campus. Spearheaded by Sharolt Kicsi (Engineering and Asset Manager at KPMG Australia) and Zhaozhi Zheng (Graduate Water Scientist at WaterNSW) the event marked a cornerstone for aspiring water professionals.

Organised with a keen focus on enlightening final year engineering and science students about the vast opportunities within the water industry, the career night was a beacon of inspiration and guidance.

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The evening was graced by an esteemed panel of experts, including Stuart Khan (Professor and Head of School of Civil Engineering at the University of Sydney), Renny Chivunga (Senior Engineer at Sydney Water), Michael Carter (Principal Process Engineer at Beca Hunter H2O) and Emily Hill (Mechanical Engineer at Hunter Water). Their diverse expertise and experiences provided a comprehensive view of the water industry's challenges and rewards.

Danika Smith (Water Strategy Officer at the NSW Department of Planning and Environment) adeptly moderated the panel discussion, fostering a dynamic exchange between the speakers and the audience. This interaction not only encouraged open communication but also allowed the attendees to dive deep into the realities of working within the water sector.

The purpose of the event shone brightly as students gained invaluable insights into the water industry, directly from professionals who have carved successful careers in the field. The dialogue covered essential topics, from the day-to-day responsibilities of water professionals to the broader impact of their work on communities and the environment.

Engagement was notably high, with students keenly participating in the discussion, eager to learn from the experiences shared by the panelists. This vibrant interaction underscored the event's success in bridging the gap between academic preparation and professional reality in the water industry.

The event stands as a testament to the importance of fostering early-career connections and knowledge sharing, promising a brighter future for both the water industry and the communities it serves.

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