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Young Water Professionals host Careers Night at The University of Sydney

On the evening of March 21, 2024, the University of Sydney became a vibrant hub for aspiring water industry professionals, thanks to the Australian Water Association's Young Water Professionals (AWA YWP) Careers Night. 

This enlightening event, hosted by the esteemed Sharolt Kicsi (Engineering and Asset Manager at KPMG Australia), and Zhaozhi Zheng (Graduate Water Scientist at WaterNSW) brought together a wide array of students and industry experts to discuss careers in the water sector.


The night kicked off with an engaging introduction by Nahia Islam (Membership and Program Manager at AWA) who shed light on the "Career in Water" program and the National Mentoring Program, offering students invaluable resources for their professional development.

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The panel of guest speakers was nothing short of inspirational, featuring Stuart Khan (Professor and Head of School of Civil Engineering at the University of Sydney), Renny Chivunga (Senior Engineer at Sydney Water), Michael Carter (Principal Process Engineer at Beca Hunter H2O) and Emily Hill (Mechanical Engineer at Hunter Water).


Each speaker shared their unique journey in the water industry, providing over 60 students in attendance and more than 40 participants online with a rare glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of a career in this vital sector. The discussions sparked a lively engagement between the speakers and the audience, with the conversation flowing well into the networking session. This extended interaction highlighted the event's success in fostering a deep sense of community and support among the future water industry professionals.


The 2024 AWA YWP Career Night at the University of Sydney was not just an event but a milestone in the careers of many young professionals. The stories shared, the advice given, and the connections made have undoubtedly set a solid foundation for the attendees, steering them towards a promising future in the water industry. The enthusiasm and in-depth discussions that characterized the evening underscore the event's significance in providing students with exceptional guidance and insights into their future careers.

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