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Reseller agreement brings AI leak locating software to Australian water

Australian utility water savings company WaterGroup became the official Australian reseller for BuntBrain software platform including BuntBrain LeakFinder, an Artificial Intelligence software, developed by BuntPlanet, a high-tech start-up in Spain. 

"We believe this is going to be a game-changer in reducing non-revenue network losses for water utilities across Australia," said Guenter Hauber-Davidson, Managing Director for WaterGroup. 

Non-revenue water represents a significant economic challenge to water utilities worldwide. Apart from typically well over 10% of precious drinking water lost each day, the World Bank estimates the global loss to amount to a staggering A$20 billion annually. BuntPlanet aims to tackle this issue.

"Our trials across Europe and Latin America have demonstrated the ability of our Artificial Intelligence platform to perform effectively, even in highly challenging environments where there were high levels of non-revenue water. We think Australian Utilities will benefit from this software. With pressure on dwindling water resources, especially in times of climate change, water utilities worldwide increasingly turn to software such as ours to reduce water losses. We expect the Australian market to be a world reference in water conservation software application, said Borja Arzac, Key Account Manager, BuntPlanet. 

Following wetter Australian summers due to the La Nina weather pattern, Hauber-Davidson stresses that now is the time to save water using IoT and AI technology, before we return to drier weather.

BuntBrain LeakFinder combines artificial intelligence and hydraulic modelling to detect irregularities within the network it's operating in. The self-learning algorithms analyse predictions from the historical data and compares it to data collected from pressure sensors, flow, and customer water meters, and uses that discrepancy to locate leaks. 

BuntBrain LeakFinder is commercially available through WaterGroup ahead of its official launch at stand M24 at Ozwater22 in Brisbane, May 10-12, 2022.