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Podcast – The Intersection of Water and Technology with Mo Saudi of Itron

Join host Justin Matters as he sits down with Mohammad Al-Saudi (Solutions Architect and Non-revenue Water Expert at Itron) to discuss water sustainable futures and how technology can improve the quality of water from all aspects.

Tell us about yourself and how did you come about working for Itron and being involved in the water sector?

My journey with the water sector really began somehow unexpected. I'm a computer engineer by education and training. I graduated back in the Middle East and started working for a small technology and IoT (Internet of Things) Company. My work was focused on developing control and monitoring systems for small utilities and central, cooling companies.

This work was my first step into the water industry, at the time I didn't really envision becoming an expert in the field. I joined Itron a few years later Technology specialist, a role that really took me through a deep dive into the water business. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege to work with water utilities across the Middle East, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific, helping clients navigate all the complexities of water supply and demand, and integrating cutting edge technologies to enhance their operations.

How does technology play a part in a sustainable water future?
I remember years ago walking into a control room that had a lot of screens monitoring different parts of the distribution network. It was complex but unfortunately, it was not flexible at all. That made me realise the complexity of the water supply and the dynamics and the significance risk and cost associated with digital transformation in this sector. It was very clear that water utilities needed a simpler, faster and more flexible way to move forward the demands for a smart new approach to digitally transform their business innovation and adapt to their new challenges. What makes this possible today is that there are a lot of exciting new advancements in the Internet of Things, the IoT e.g. new water meters, new water sensors, devices that will help utilities to have the most needed visibility and to understand what's happening with the network because this is one of the biggest challenges in my opinion. Today, water utilities have low visibility on what’s happening on the network.


What is your best advice for young professionals looking to advance their career in water and technology?

The water industry offer offers a lot of opportunities for Innovation, impact, professional growth and the water and Technology sectors are rapidly evolving. They're changing very quickly. Every day, we’re having new things coming up so starting a career in the water and technology sector is about contributing to our environment and our essential needs. The water industry in particular is increasingly shifting to smart technologies. My advice for any young professional is if you have skills in data analytics, IoT or AI, the water industry is a great place to b. Joining a professional association like the AWA can allow you to engage with Industry leaders.

Be ready to adapt to new technologies and shifts in this sector. Flexibility and resilience are important for navigating the opportunities in both the water sector, and the technology landscape. It’s a great place to be.

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