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IWAA connecting global thought-leaders towards achievement of sustainable development goals

The IWAA committee worked extensively to facilitate several events that bring global network of water professionals, to support innovation, adaptation, and mitigation in the Australian context.


The 21st IWA Symposium on Health-related Water Microbiology - WaterMicro23
WaterMicro23 was held from 4th-9th June, in Darwin, NT, on the land of the Larrakia People with the theme, "Water Safety for All - reflections and emerging concerns," and was attended by 270 delegates representing 34 countries. Bringing together microbiologists, researchers, policymakers and water practitioners from academia and industry, to learn about and explore various aspects of health-related water microbiology. With focus on water safety and public health, the conference aimed to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals also focussing on emerging challenges posed by climate change, environmental stress, and extreme events. Program key highlights included water quality monitoring and surveillance, wastewater-based epidemiology, climate change and Antimicrobial Resistance. The science in the pub social event, hosted by Teegan Taylor was thoroughly enjoyable.

IWAA Thought Leadership - Leading Global Practices for Smart Resilient Cities

We are in one of the most rapidly urbanising regions in the world.  Regionally we are facing increasing challenges to meet the chronic and acute effects of our changing climate; water security, flooding, increasing urbanisation to name a few, and globally cities are employing smart solutions to meet these challenges.  

With that problem statement in mind, IWA Australia (IWAA) Committee of AWA brought together global thought-leaders to discuss innovative solutions to building more resilient cities and systems through four channels.

IWAA Webinar – April 2023, online

With a focus on the Asia-Pacific region, IWA President Tom Mollenkopf facilitated a conversation that spanned many social-technical contexts - from cities in advanced economies to developing cities, from large cities to small island states.

Professor Tony Wong led a conversation on sustainable urban water management in developing regions and drew on international best-practices.  Assistant Professor Fanlin Meng from Tsinghua University, China shared her experience in advanced analytics and complex system modelling for resilient water management.  Dr. Amit Chanan CEO Water Authority of Fiji’s shared the need for smart procurement and financing solutions, and Sarah Hiong from PUB shared Singapore’s approach to the implementation of smart systems to achieve long-term coastal resilience to climate change. 

Ozwater Panel – May 2023, Sydney

Also facilitated by IWA President, Tom Mollenkopf the panel session at Ozwater elevated the regional smart cities conversation to a global level.  Professor Tony Wong was joined by Felicia Marcus from Stanford University, California who shared US and other leading global practices, alongside Dr Gurdev Singh, Deputy Director Technology the deployment of the technology in PUB.
Global Urbanism Manager at Henning Larsen, Copenhagen Trine Stausgaard Munk shared global best practices in inclusive, sustainable and resilient urban development, including stakeholder engagement and community co-creation.

AWA Podcast Series – December 2023, online

A Podcast of the same title was published in December 2023.  Civil engineer and Professor in Sustainable Development at Monash University, Professor Tony Wong is internationally recognised for his research and practice in sustainable urban water management, particularly in novel approaches to Water Sensitive Urban Design.  In his interview with Dr Michael Storey, Tony shared insights into his ground-breaking research and translation of research insights into innovative practices in urban water management both in Australia and overseas.

The author and convenor of the IWAA Thought Leadership Series is Dr Michael Storey, Managing Director, Isle Asia-Pacific and Deputy Chair of IWAA Branch Committee of AWA.