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Eurofins contributing to clean drinking water in the Katherine

Large and small filter vessels installed in the PFAS removal trains (three trains installed @ 15ML/D total capacity)

In 2017 the NT Department of Health required that PFAS be included in drinking water quality testing programs. Since then, Power and Water Corporation (the NT’s water provider) has worked collaboratively with Eurofins Environment Testing to ensure a robust PFAS testing program. 

The initial reasons Eurofins were considered a preferred supplier were local presence, a proven history of PFAS expertise and the ability to meet tough turnaround times. In addition to completing daily operational requirements, Eurofins attained NATA accreditation for PFAS in water and soil to support the project and cater for growth. 

Pump Manifolds
One of two bore pump manifolds that supply the new PFAS plant process with process and treated water tanks in background.

Construction of Australia’s largest PFAS treatment plant, located in Katherine, is now well underway and scheduled to be operational in the third quarter of 2022. The new plant has a working capacity of 10 ML of water per day (with a third train on standby) to ensure PFAS has been removed and supplement Katherine’s drinking water supply. 

Having performed almost 5000 PFAS tests for Power and Water since 2017, Eurofins looks forward to supporting this exciting new project and contributing to producing safe drinking water for the residents and businesses in Katherine.
 Eurofins Systems

Eurofins’ Investment in high performance LC triple quadrupole systems and methodologies has enabled trace level determinations to be achieved for PFAS in water.