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Sydney Water offers prize for a water-saving pledge

Creating behavioural change is difficult, but Sydney Water hopes a salty snack will be the incentive its customers need to commit to reducing their water use.

The utility is taking its Small Change Shop to shopping centres, festivals and events across Greater Sydney this spring and summer. Instead of buying products with small change, people will make a pledge to save water and receive popcorn in return. 

With Sydney experiencing one of its worst droughts on record, Sydney Water Executive Drought Lead Catherine Port said the activation is part of a wider campaign to raise awareness about the need to save water. 

“We’re looking forward to talking with thousands of Sydneysiders to try and inspire as many people as possible to come together to implement small water saving changes,” she said.

“There is nothing more valuable than an individual’s commitment to make a small change. For example, if everyone in Greater Sydney used the half flush on the toilet instead of the full flush once a day, collectively we could save enough water to fill around 28 Olympic-sized swimming pools a week.”

The Small Change Shop will be travelling to shopping centres, festivals and events across Sydney this summer.

Sydney Water will collect data on the pledges, which it will use to show local communities the water saving achievements they’ve made. 

The Small Change Shop concept was chosen because it will help the utility engage with the community on a large scale, Sydney Water Head of Communications and Public Affairs Raema Melverton said.

“We know from our research that our customers want to engage with us, however the challenge with activations is being able to have meaningful conversations with people,” she said.

“By trading off something we all love, in this case popcorn, we can have those emotional discussions with our customers and have them pledge towards something that will make a positive impact in their lives.”

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