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Sydney Water installs 12 permanent water stations for SCG

Sydney Water has teamed up with the Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground (SCG) Trust to install 12 permanent water stations in an effort to provide Sydney-siders with quality drinking water and reducing the need for plastic bottles.

According to Sydney Water, the water stations have so far been a hit with Sydney Ashes Test spectators, who have consumed almost 13,000L of water, the equivalent of more than 20,000 plastic bottles.

Sydney Water Spokesperson Jennifer Whittle said the utility’s partnership with the SCG provided the opportunity to show spectators and visitors that Sydney’s tap water is some of the world’s best.

“Installation of the drinking water stations enabled spectators to fill up for free, which was a cost saving for them,” Whittle said.

“In addition to avoiding those 20,000 plastic bottles going to waste, where they take up to 1000 years to biodegrade, we estimate the process of manufacturing those bottles would have had a significant impact on the environment.

“By using the water station rather than purchasing bottled water fans have saved the use of over 15,000 kilowatt hours of electricity, over 32,000L of water, and over 3000L of oil from the plastic bottle manufacturing process. In addition, a significant amount of fuel and carbon emissions have been saved by not having to transport these plastic bottles on multiple legs.”

Whittle said the effort is also beneficial from a public health perspective, with access to free and healthy drinking water curbing the need to purchase bottled drinks at the grounds.

“Drinking water rather than sugary soft drinks also has a positive impact on the health of fans as there are around 21 teaspoons of sugar in every litre of soft drink,” she said.

“We’re delighted by the response of fans who also planned ahead to bring their own reusable bottles to the SCG and fill up at the water stations.”

As Sydney Water is the official water provider to many Sydney sporting teams, Whittle said it was a no-brainer investing in the water station installation project.

“The water units are a permanent fixture so spectators at all future events held at the SCG will be able to fill up with Sydney’s water at no cost, providing better outcomes for the health of spectators, their hip pockets, as well as helping the environment.”