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Industry trials automated data analysis software to help save water

The University of Western Australia’s Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities has teamed up with Water Corporation to trial automated data analysis software to help save water.

The software collects hourly water-use data via smart water meters, utilising the information to identify irrigation habits and allowing utilities to tailor engagement with individual water users.

As part of the project, hourly water-use data from 3557 residential households in Western Australia was collected to develop an algorithm to identify the habits of 76% of trial households.

Identified water-use habits were then categorised according to frequency and volume of water used by each household.

It’s expected that water utilities will be able to use this information to help customers curb their water use when irrigation levels are excessive, including instances were a leak may be present.

Benefits of utilising the data include saving customers spending on water bills, saving precious water and also empowering customers to make choices about their water use habits.

The software used is based on the CRCWSC’s C5.1 project, which aims to develop innovative analysis techniques for smart water data.

It is expected that this type of technology will be used more widely across the water sector in the coming years.