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WA’s Mundaring Weir dam gets $14m upgrade

Western Australia’s Mundaring Weir dam is set to receive a $14 million upgrade in a bid to safeguard water provision for the region.

The Mundaring Weir provides drinking water to about 100,000 people from the region of Mundaring to Kalgoorlie, and the upgrade is expected to allow the Water Corporation to draw from the dam’s water when levels are low.

"This is a reflection of the impact climate change continues to have on our water supplies," WA Water Minister Dave Kelly told WA Today.

"Lowering the level of the intake at Mundaring Weir from 126.5 metres to 119.9 metres will reduce the need to transfer additional desalinated water and groundwater to supplement the dam in times of low streamflow.”

The refurbishment also involves placing a new 40m-long and 2.5m-wide steel pipe in the dam's intake tower, with the help of a 400-tonne crane.

It’s expected that the new pipe positioned at the lowered intake level will help to ensure that surrounding communities have a reliable water supply long-term.

"The upgrade also ensures communities supplied with drinking water from Mundaring Weir will continue to receive a reliable water supply for decades to come,” Kelly said.

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