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WA suburb receives water infrastructure refurbishments

One of Western Australia’s oldest suburbs is set to receive a range of water infrastructure refurbishments in a bid to secure the area’s water, wastewater and drainage network well into the future.

Water Corporation is undertaking a number of upgrades in Subiaco, including a new soakage drain, the replacement of an ageing water main and a wastewater pipeline refurbishment.

Water Corporation General Manager Assets Delivery Mark Leathersich said the works are an essential step to ensure water security for the area, in light of increasing development in this area.

“The Subiaco main drain was installed over 100 years ago and, due to development of the area over the last century, the local drainage system no longer has the capacity to handle large storm events,” Leathersich said.

As such, the new soakage drain will be constructed under the centre of the road on Churchill Avenue, between Townshend Road and Axon Street, in order to mediate flooding risk.

“We also recently refurbished more than one kilometre of wastewater main along Forrest Street and Churchill Avenue to extend the life of this important asset by at least 50 years,” Leathersich said.

Work is also scheduled to replace a century-old water main on Coghlan Road, which is part of the utility’s Pipes for Perth program.

“Sections of water mains in the older suburbs of Perth are… old, and like anything of that age, they’re starting to show some wear and tear,” Leathersich said.

“The Pipes for Perth program will reduce the likelihood of breaks in the water main network, and will help to ensure a reliable water supply for decades to come.”

Using trenchless technology to reduce the need for extensive excavation, Water Corporation will also be relining the wastewater pipes along Forrest Street and Churchill Avenue, with the works expected to extend the life of the infrastructure by at least 50 years.