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WA prepares for seawater desalination plant development

Water Corporation is moving to secure land for a potential extension of the Perth Seawater Desalination Plant at Kwinana, in the wake of water security concerns.

The utility has acquired 15.2ha for $30 million, buying land adjacent to the current treatment plant, which has a 50GL per year capacity.

Following a dry start to winter this year, the utility is assessing options for water-security provisions with desalinated water as part of the portfolio.

Water Corporation spokesperson Clare Lugar told the West Australian the turbulence of WA’s climate has led the utility to consider many different options for securing the state’s water.

“As people would be aware, the south-west of WA is one of three places on the planet that is most impacted by climate change. That is why our water supply planning is not static,” Lugar said.

“Water Corporation is constantly responding and adapting to changing circumstances, including climate change, by identifying and adding new sources when needed.”

Lugar said the purchase of land is to ensure Water Corporation has the option of extending the plant if necessary.

“The strategic land purchase was made to allow for the potential expansion of the existing Perth Seawater Desalination Plant, which is a potential future water source.”

Lugar also said Water Corporation plans show the expansion could allow for the desalination plant capacity to increase by 25GL of water each year.

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