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Upgrade to double Gippsland’s water storage

Improving the treatment plant and constructing an additional drinking water storage basin headline the region’s plan for long-term capacity and security of its water supply.

Gippsland Water will conduct the works at its Moe water treatment plant, shoring up the drinking water supply for the growing region into the future. 

The upgrade, which will take place over three years, includes improvements to the treatment plant building and equipment. A new 25 ML storage basin will provide operational flexibility and increased security of supply. Following construction of the new basin, the existing storage basin will be upgraded with a new liner and cover. 

In addition to more than double the volume of stored drinking water at the Moe site, the upgrade will allow for emergency repairs and maintenance without restricting water supplies to customers. 

The basin will be constructed so that there is a minimal construction footprint, and the utility will protect the equivalent environmental values at one of its environmental offset sites when vegetation is removed.

Managing director of Gippsland Water Sarah Cumming said that the works would begin in autumn, starting with improvements to one of the treatment plant buildings.

“The current basin is close to capacity and can’t sustain the long-term growth and development of the towns and industry it supplies,” she said.

“Not only does the new basin cater for future growth in the area, but it also gives us greater flexibility and resilience in the water supply system.”

Gippsland Water has worked closely with local residents, environmental groups and Traditional Owners as it put the modernisation plan in place.

“Like with all of our works, we’ve made sure we understand our potential impact on the environment and taken steps to ensure any impacts from our work are offset,” Cumming added.

“These upgrades are crucial to securing the water supply for Moe, Newborough and surrounding areas.”

Gippsland Water’s service area covers more than 5000 square kilometres. It has a drinking water customer base of 70,000, and provides wastewater services to more than 63,000.