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Clog-free wastewater removal

Flygt TOP based pump stations from Xylem are paving the way for clog-free wastewater removal.

What is a pump station’s largest operational expense after power?
Clogging in pumping equipment resulting in costly operational costs to clear blocked pumps!
Xylem have long been regarded as the industry leader in wastewater pumping applications. Through development of the Flygt N-Impeller, Xylem have paved the way for how wastewater engineers design and operate their pump station assets to ensure sustained efficiencies in how wastewater is removed from pump sumps along with minimising operating costs.

Through constant product development, Xylem have developed the Flygt TOP (The Optimum Pump-station) design to further increase the reliability and efficiency of Flygt pumps.

Xylem moved away from traditional pump station design, by strategic placement of the pump pedestals incorporated within the station benching leading to optimised positioning for the Flygt pumps to improve flow throughout the station sump during operation.

The Flygt TOP base increases turbulence and causes re-suspension of solids and entrainment of floating debris. The result is more solids being removed from the sump, leaving a minimum residue beneath the pumps, which is ready to be removed on the next pumping cycle.

How effective is the TOP sump geometry?
In a series of tests conducted in laboratory conditions, sumps with different diameters and floor configurations were evaluated alongside each other to gauge their ability to prevent sediment build-up.

These tests also demonstrated their efficiency in transporting solids.

At the end of each pump cycle, the solids pumped out from the sumps were weighed and then returned to the sump for the next cycle. The results were averaged.

Both sumps were 1600 mm in diameter with the control sump being a traditional flat-bottomed design compared to a prefabricated Flygt TOP design.

These were the test results:
94 kg of solids – still located within the flat bottom sump
4 kg of solids – within the Flygt TOP designed sump

A Flygt TOP-shelf turn-key solution
Xylem offers a turnkey Flygt TOP based pump station solution to meet your requirements offering assistance with dimensioning, pump selection and project management which reduces your cost for project planning and installation.

The Flygt TOP modular pump station design is flexible and comes in a range of sizes and build components to meet any local design requirements. With over 1000 installations within Australia and New Zealand, Xylem continues to set the standard for how a wastewater pump station should operate.

Installation is a breeze
Flygt TOP pump stations are renowned for dramatically reducing the installation time and effort when compared to a traditional cast-insitu model with installations typically taking a fifth of the time meaning:
• Reduction in onsite costs
• Reduction in de-watering costs
• Reduction in engineering costs
• Safer installation with less environmental impact

Meet the Flygt TOP family
Xylem offer Flygt TOP technology in all of our pump stations and inserts:

Flygt TOP CSM (pictured below)









Flygt TOP FRP (pictured below)









Flygt TOP RETRO (pictured below)










Reducing operating cost is our business

Xylem are ahead of the curve with the Flygt range of submersible pumps. When coupled with the Flygt N-Impeller, Flygt TOP prefabricated pump stations excel at delivering sustained efficiencies in wastewater removal by minimising blocked pump call outs.

To find out more about Flygt TOP Pump stations contact your local Xylem Representative on 13 19 14 or visit