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Corporate Spotlight – Celebrating 100 years of Tsurumi Pump

Tsurumi Pump, a trailblazer in the world of pumping solutions, has achieved a remarkable milestone – 100 years of unparalleled innovation, and success.

What is Tsurumi?

Tsurumi is a world-leading Japanese company of submersible pumps and has developed more than 20,000 submersible pump designs and is active in 45 countries and regions.


Back to the start

The company traces its foundation to a project in 1924 in Osaka, Japan; where they improved harsh conditions in a farming village by providing vertical irrigation pumps. During Japan's period of recovery and rebuilding following World War II, Tsurumi was the first domestic company to establish submersible pump technology. During Japan’s subsequent period of high economic growth, they contributed to the expansion of many industrial sectors by assisting in the development of social infrastructure and through water-related urban planning and flood control projects. These early years were marked by a commitment to quality and a vision to solve complex pumping challenges, which set the stage for a century of excellence.


Expanding Tsurimi

In 1951 Tsurumi was incorporated as a limited company. The pumps feature proprietary technologies such as the oil lifter, anti-wicking cable, and more. Tsurumi’s technical capabilities became known and well regarded domestically and internationally, leading to the company continually expanding their overseas network in the 1960s onwards. Tsurumi Pump's influence extends far beyond its Japanese roots. With a global network of subsidiaries, distributors, and service centres that successfully cater to the diverse needs of industries worldwide. In 1978 Tsurumi Singapore was incorporated, followed by America in 1979 and Europe in 1983. Following on in 2007 Tsurumi Thailand was established, Australia in 2019 and Africa in 2020.


Tsurumi around the world

Due to Tsurumi’s reach, they now have six manufacturing plants around the globe with the main production base in Kyoto, Japan with a site area of over 42,000m2. This extensive research, testing and development production facility has the production capacity of 1 million pumps per year and is ISO9001 certified. Tsurumi is proud to announce the expansion, in the near future, of the Kyoto plant which will further assist customer demands.

100th Anniversary

The 100th anniversary isn’t just a celebration of Tsurumi's innovation and achievements but also a testament to the strong relationships that have powered its success. As Tsurumi Pump enters its second century, the company remains committed to further develop innovative pump technology and to eco-friendly practices, energy efficiency, and responsible manufacturing processes for a greener future.

As we commemorate the 100th anniversary, we look forward to their continued legacy along with seeing the next chapter in the remarkable story of Tsurumi Pump.