Water Utility Improvement Program: Indonesia

 The Australian Water Association in partnership with the Peak Water Supply Association of Indonesia (PERPAMSI) and with the support of the Australian Water Partnership (AWP) is undertaking a Water Utility Improvement Program between three Australian utilities and three Indonesian Water Utilities (PDAMs).

The program supports the Government of Australia’s New Aid Policy (New Aid Paradigm) which references water as a priority. The program will take forward key water reform objectives of the Indonesian Government in its efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal aimed at universal access to safe and clean water by offering Australian expertise in delivering safe and reliable potable water, wastewater and drainage services to water professionals in Indonesia.  

The program which commenced in March 2019 will run for an initial period of 20 months with each utility pair identifying areas to share knowledge and build capacity in over this time.

Yarra Valley Water and PDAM Gianyar:

Unitywater and PDAM Surabaya:
South Gippsland Water and PD PAL Jaya:

Outcomes from the Water Utility Improvement Program

The activity has had the following highlights and successes:

  •  Improved quality of water supply and wastewater management service delivery of the two PDAMs and one PD PAL
    • Completion of HACCP analysis,
    • Improved chlorine residual
  • Improved utility operational efficiency of the two PDAMs and one PD PAL
    • NRW reduction
    • Installation of SCADA system
  • Improved financial management: of the two PDAMs and one PD PAL
    • Certification to ISO55001
    • Development of integrated information systems
    • Implementation of Asset Management system
  • PDAM and PD PAL organisational policies and strategies are inclusive of Gender Equality and Social Inclusion
    • Support for vulnerable customers
    • Understanding of employee demographics
    • Female staff rotations
  •  Improved capacity of Indonesian water supply association (PERPAMSI) to deliver professional development services to PDAM members
    • Use of online platforms, including zoom, to enhance communications
    • Development of young water professionals program)
  • Sustained operations and performance of PDAMs and PD PAL during the COVID-19 pandemic
    • Online meter reading
    • Work from home polices, and
    • Contact tracing systems for staff, contractors and customers.

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