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The Association supports the Australian Government in the delivery of capacity building initiatives across the water sectors of South East Asia. This is undertaken through the leveraging of aid funding to enhance opportunities for both our members and the wider Australian water sector to play a larger role in the development of international water sectors.

Australian Government in the Vietnamese water sector

The Australian Government has played a significant role in the last six years enabling greater access to drinking water services for many rural and remote communities in Vietnam. The Australian Government is also working closely with many provinces to empower women in the use of Australian water technologies. 

Australian Government investment has been significant with a total of $80M going towards improving access to safe drinking water where traditional supply sources are not feasible. In 2011, 58% (or 38 million) of the Vietnam population did not have access to safe drinking water, however, with Australian Government assistance, this number is now decreasing at a rapid pace. 

The Australian Water Association is working with the Vietnam Government and the broader water sector in four key areas:


  1. Strengthening the governance and service delivery of Vietnam water sector
  2. Public Private Partnerships in water
  3. Technology demonstration and pathways to commercialisation
  4. Water Utility Improvement Program to enhance knowledge sharing and capacity building


Facilitating adoption of water innovation that increases access to drinking water in rural and remote areas of Vietnam

The Association in 2018 is working with the Australian and Vietnam Governments to:

  1. Facilitate demonstrations of advanced, low cost Australian water technology and innovation that increases access to safe drinking water
  2. Facilitate increased capacity to deliver safe drinking water
  3. Pathways to commercial partnerships and private sector participation

The project will allow for the installation and demonstration of fit for use water treatment technology that delivers safe drinking water to rural populations in the four provinces where piped water is not economically viable or technical feasible as well as the transfer of technical and managerial skills including the handover of portable water quality analytical equipment and training on its use.

The project will deliver a range of demand-led, tailored activities in four rural Provinces across Vietnam including:

  • Khanh Hoa
  • Son La
  • Nam Dinh
  • Dong Thap

1. ​Facilitating access to safe drinking water
2. Rolling out Aussie water innovation in Vietnam
3. Australia donates water treatment systems to rural areas

An Australian experience of Vietnam's water sector


Aus4Water Program

Vietnam has made significant improvements in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector in the past two decades, however important regional disparities remain. Some provinces are only able to provide clean water supply to 10 per cent of the population and 35 million people in Vietnam’s rural areas still do not have clean water. Lack of access to clean water is a significant cost to rural communities, particularly women who carry the main responsibility for household water needs. Improving water supply and sanitation infrastructure is therefore not only a health priority, it is also an important strategy to continue economic growth and reduce poverty in Vietnam. 

Through Aus4Water, Australia will support the Vietnamese Government to discover innovative approaches to increase private sector engagement in rural water supply to replicate successful models across Vietnam and to increase economic opportunities for women. 

For further information, you can view the overview of Australia's aid program to Vietnam. The Australian water sector is well positioned to play a future role to enable Vietnam to achieve its Aus4Water objectives over the next five years.

Australian Government in the Indonesian water sector

The Australian Water Association is supporting the Australian Government's objectives for increased access to safe drinking water in Indonesia. Stay tuned for further updates.