The Don Montgomery Award

The Australian Water Association (AWA) started life nationally in 1962 under the name of Australian Water and Wastewater Association (AWWA), with state branches in Victoria, NSW, South Australia and Queensland.  

The fortunes of WA changed dramatically from the mid 1960’s to the early 1970’s due to the first iron ore and nickel boom which was accompanied for a few years by 5% per annum population growth in Perth. This growth generated an increase in infrastructure including water and sewerage and had encouraged the development of both local and national consulting firms in WA. The need for higher levels of water and wastewater treatment also supported the usefulness of a national body that could cater for all water professionals and directly help with their growing technical needs.

Don Montgomery, then Chief Engineer Sewerage and Drainage at the MWB, called a meeting for May 1st 1972 to form a WA branch of AWWA. Thirty seven attended, agreed to form a branch and appointed an interim committee of:  D.D.T Montgomery, B.S. Sanders, Dr. R. Lugg and Dr.T. Meagher to get the branch underway.  Thirty membership applications were forwarded to Federal Council and at their meeting of May 30th 1972 they approved the WA Branch. And so it all began! 

In 1996 the WA Branch created the Don Montgomery Award for outstanding service to the WA Branch.

Past Don Montgomery Award Winners have been: 

2018 Peter McCafferty
2011 Peter Moore
2010 Des Lord
2009 Denis Ericson
2008 Rein Loo
2007 Des Boland
2006 Barry Sanders
2004 Margaret Domurad
1998 Phil Jack
1997 Charles Tucak
1996 John Holbrook

Eligibility is about the longevity of the participation and contribution to the WA Branch and WA Branch Committee, in the order of 5+ years. 

In 2018 the WA Branch Executive committee voted unanimously to take the trophy out of the cupboard and dust it off as there was a clearly deserving winner in our midst. 

Our 2019 Winner of the Don Montgomery Award is Don Crawford 

Don continues to be an active member of the WA branch committee, even in his retirement, always enthusiastically providing his experience, knowledge and input to the Branch, our events and communications.

Peter McCafferty