Kamal Fernando Mentoring Award

Honouring individuals in the NSW water industry who have displayed outstanding passion and commitment in mentoring water industry professionals at a level above and beyond normal job requirements and expectations. Mentoring is essential to attract and retain skilled professionals. 

  Nomination form

Judging criteria:


  • Is a member of the AWA and has predominately resided and mentored in NSW for at least the last five years 


  • Demonstrates a long term commitment to mentoring members of the water industry and acts as a positive role model, developing trust and respect with the mentee
  • Assists with a plan to guide the mentee’s future career path, including defining the purpose of the mentoring and the development of any career goals
  • Facilitates the process of a mentee in acquiring the skills and resources needed to succeed as a professional who is making a significant contribution to the water industry. This may include developing focus areas such as improving effective communication, dealing with workplace challenges, organising work/life balance, increasing self confidence and gaining leadership skills
  • Acts as a good sounding board and advisor to mentees to improve networks, remove barriers to career development, navigate difficult situations in the workplace such as managing conflict, and addressing social inclusion barriers such as diversity and equity 

When completing the online nomination form you will be asked to answer the following.

  • Please provide an outline of the nominee’s involvement in mentoring water professionals predominately in NSW, both as part of formal mentoring agreements and informally in the workplace and wider industry. 
  • What specific benefits have arisen for mentees from having the nominee as a mentor? 
  • Why do you consider the nominee’s efforts in mentoring water professionals as outstanding? 
  • Please upload:
    - Biography
    - Hi-resolution photos x 3
  • Please provide a minimum two references from mentees (50 to 100 words each) 
  • Please provide a short introduction of the nominee, to be used at the awards presentation night, should they be selected as a finalist. (50 words)


Mentoring is a key component in long term professional development. The Australian Water Association has encouraged mentoring in the industry by running mentoring programs throughout the country. The NSW Branch of the Association now wishes to formally recognise the outstanding efforts of water professional mentors. 

The award is a lasting legacy of our friend and colleague Kamal Fernando (former Principal Engineer of Water Supply, NSW Water Solutions, NSW Public Works) who sadly passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in August 2014. As a committed public servant for 24 years, Kamal made many significant contributions to the NSW water industry. Kamal had a passion for mentoring not only those in his team but also in the various other state and local government agencies. Kamal’s transfer of his outstanding skills and knowledge to others has led to many now skilled industry practitioners who received guidance, mentoring and on the job training from Kamal during their careers. Through their work, his contribution continues.

The award is intended to encourage and recognise excellence in mentoring in the water industry and is a fitting memory of Kamal’s tireless and generous efforts to share his knowledge to the benefit of his colleagues, the industry and the community.