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Teacher Resources


On this page you'll find resources to promote student and teacher understanding on key water topics and issues under the subjects of Science, Geography and History in the national Australian Curriculum. These resources were part of the Australian Water Association's Australian Curriculum Project, a project undertaken from 2013-15 by the Water Education Network (now the Water Literacy and Education Network). 

All resources on this page are free for educational use. For more information please see the Ensuring your educational resources are free for educational use: Fact Sheet.


The purpose of this toolkit is to collate 'tried and tested' activities in a Water Education Toolkit to assist water educators to develop student and teacher understanding about their local water story. With the help of experienced members from the Australian Water Association's Water Education Network, the toolkit will provide engaging, hands-on and experiential learning activities that can be used in face-to-face contexts with students and the public.

Download the Toolkit