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Yarra Valley Water’s HR Executive recognised among Australia’s best

Yarra Valley Water’s General Manager People, Performance and Culture, Amy Singe has been named one of the top HR Executives in Australia by Human Resources Director (HRD) Magazine.

The HRD 2024 Hot List recognises executives who have elevated HR's role in unique ways, shaping organisational success or stepping up to champion transformation.

Ms Singe was recognised for her innovative approach to remote working and her stellar contribution to gender equality in the workplace.

As a member of Yarra Valley Water’s senior leadership team, Ms Singe has led the organisation’s hybrid working strategy and stance on gender equality for nearly five years.

Winners were selected after the HRD Australia team conducted a survey of the HR sector to find the most influential leaders who had contributed significantly to their profession over the previous 12 months.

“It’s a real privilege to be working at Yarra Valley Water and I’m truly humbled to have received this award. A huge thanks to our dedicated and hard-working team for everything they do. This award belongs to them,” she said.

As a passionate advocate of gender equality, Ms Singe said she was proud of the organisation’s efforts to narrow the gender pay gap.

“We are defaulting to pay transparency and have a Board and Executive team dedicated to removing our gender pay gap. Transparency is paramount, so we now clearly articulate what we pay on all job ads and have a first and final pay offer process,” Ms Singe said. “Our new transparent remunerative framework ensures pay equity for like roles, leaving no room for gender pay inequality.”

“We’ve also updated our hiring processes to be more inclusive. At our core, we care about people – their potential, their goals, and their happiness. Our commitment to ‘Being driven by people, led by purpose’ isn't just a statement – it's our guiding principle, shaping every aspect of our operations and interactions."

“Our people team is one of the best I have ever worked with and is up for breaking boundaries and trying new things to meet the evolving expectations of our diverse workforce. We aspire for our people to be ‘better for being here’,” she said.

In July 2022, Yarra Valley Water launched its first Gender Equality Action Plan (GEAP), which recognises the barriers for women in the workplace and outlines a blueprint for breaking these down.

Yarra Valley Water has recently submitted a Gender Equality Progress Report, as part of its obligations under the Gender Equality Act.

Ms Singe said it was great to see the positive inroads that have already been made.

“I am really proud of the results we're seeing from our Gender Equality Progress Report, highlighting where and how we're making a real difference for our people.”

“We’ve expanded our parental leave policy to ensure equal access for all parents, removing reference to primary and secondary carers and providing both parents access to 14 weeks of paid parental leave as well as importantly no qualifying periods so you can join us and receive these entitlements straight away,” said Ms Singe.

Yarra Valley Water was also recognised for its Best Remote Work Strategy at the prestigious 2023 Australian HR awards.

Lisa Anelli, Acting Chief Financial Officer, emphasised the unique benefits of Yarra Valley Water's hybrid working strategy.

"As a senior leader, the flexibility of working from home is invaluable. Being able to leave the office earlier and finish my work from home has been really empowering," said Ms Anelli.

“Having this level of flexibility has enhanced my work-life balance but also allows me to maximise productivity in a way that suits my schedule. It demonstrates Yarra Valley Water's commitment to fostering a culture that values both professional excellence and individual well-being,” Ms Anelli said.

For a list of the winners, head to the HRD website.