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What's your story, Daniel Lambert?

Daniel is the Executive Manager Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions at Unitywater. He has worked in the water sector for over 20 years, both in the public and private sector. Originally from Victoria, Dan has worked on projects in over 25 countries. In January, he moved from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. His first week at Unitywater was one of the wettest on record.

What drew you into the water industry? 

After studying engineering, I backpacked around South America and volunteered in Ecuador with remote Quechua communities. We spent time planning and constructing remote water supply systems. There, I realised the transformational impact we could have on people’s lives as water engineers.

Who or what do you draw inspiration from? 

I draw inspiration from my experiences meeting people while working on WASH projects in developing countries. The thankfulness of those whose lives are impacted by receiving clean water and sanitation solutions has touched my heart and given me deep meaning and purpose in our work.

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I enjoy the outdoors – walking the dogs on the beach, ocean swimming, canyoning, Scuba Diving, hiking and camping. Before Covid, I was an avid traveller, and I look forward to exploring new countries and cultures again.

What do you believe is currently the most significant challenge for your part of the water industry?

This is such a big question – so many challenges are facing our industry. Two that deserve particular focus are climate change and changing customer expectations.  

In addition, Unitywater is faced with very rapid population growth and a clear focus on achieving its goals of net zero carbon and net zero nutrients in waterways.

From my perspective, these challenges represent exciting opportunities. These challenges and opportunities are encapsulated for me in the question: How do we develop and deliver innovative approaches to ensure a sustainable and resilient future for our community?

How do you consider your organisation benefits most by being a corporate member of the Australian Water Association?

In many ways, the Australian water industry can be viewed as a big family. The Australian Water Association plays a critical role in connecting us. As a member, I get to build relationships, share knowledge and inspire and be inspired by others about the incredible difference we can make together as water professionals.

What messages would you like to give to your colleagues in the Queensland water sector?

If you are passionate about making a difference in the water sector – Queensland is the place to be.

We are the fastest-growing state and face a diverse range of opportunities and challenges. These include responding to unprecedented growth, preparing for the Olympics, responding to climate change and providing resilient solutions for a rapidly evolving resources and agricultural sector.

As water professionals, we are critical to the sustainable future of our state.

There is no place I would rather be!

Dan Lambert