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Water eJournal - Beneficial Stormwater issue

Has your organisation introduced innovative stormwater management practices that result in its beneficial reuse? We would like to publicise it! 

We invite you and other members of your organisation to contribute to our esteemed Water eJournal with a special focus on Beneficial Stormwater. We aim to provide a showcase of current best practice for stormwater reuse in Australia and identify innovative practices that have been implemented, or piloted. 

As the impacts of climate change, population growth and extreme weather events become more pronounced, effective stormwater management is crucial for sustainable urban development and environmental preservation. 

Topics of interest include: 

  • Innovative Stormwater Management Techniques 
  • Climate Change Resilience in Stormwater Infrastructure 
  • Urban Planning for Sustainable Stormwater Solutions 
  • Water Quality and Pollution Control in Stormwater 
  • Community Engagement in Stormwater Management 
  • Case Studies on Successful Stormwater Projects 

Important Dates 

Submission deadline: Friday 19 April 2024 
Publication date: May 2024 issue of Water e-Journal 

Why contribute? 

Water e-Journal is the premier online journal for water, science and technical paper publication in Australia.  Publishing in the Water e-Journal can provide valuable networking opportunities, collaborations, and discussions that can further your research, work and career. AWA follows an open-source policy, allowing papers published in the journal to be accessible to the public on the AWA website after a 3-month withholding period, during which access is only open to AWA members. 

All technical papers that are submitted will be considered for publication in Water e-Journal, with one-page Executive Summaries also considered for publication in Current magazine. Papers published in the journal also qualify for the prestigious Guy Parker Award, which is announced at Ozwater each year. 

Journals play a vital role in increasing the discoverability of your work, as they are regularly accessed by communities of interested readers. Submitting to the Water e-Journal can enhance the visibility of your work, extending beyond your close network of contacts and colleagues. Water-related research often spans multiple disciplines, and Water e-Journal attracts a diverse readership and can potentially lead to invaluable interdisciplinary collaborations. We would love you to contribute to the advancement of Stormwater Management knowledge! 

More information on the Water eJournal, Editorial Guidelines and How to submit a paper can be found here

Alternatively, email if you have any further queries.