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SUEZ and NEC to progress smart cities in Australia

SUEZ Australia & New Zealand and NEC Australia have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to pursue joint opportunities in smart cities solutions, with Sydney’s Western Parkland City taking a key focus under the partnership.

Under the MoU, SUEZ and NEC will explore ways to bring together their respective expertise to progress smart cities in Australia, with the collaboration set to work with local councils in support of a smart cities strategy, particularly for western Sydney.

SUEZ’s recent partnership with Dijon, France, utilised sensor technology to create a smart operating hub, allowing city operators to make evidence-based decisions in real time to create a safer and cleaner city.

SUEZ Australia & New Zealand CEO Mark Venhoek said building smart cities is about rethinking conventional approaches to management in pursuit of supporting a more sustainable model of urban growth and consumption.

“Rapidly increasing demands on natural resources and services mean finding ways to harness the power of smart technology and data isn’t just a problem for governments,” he said.

“The corporate world also has a role to play in supporting the public sector and local communities to manage better, healthier and sustainable cities, the very outcomes that epitomise the smart city concept.

“I’m excited by the potential opportunities this collaboration with NEC will bring.”

Smart cities use tech and data

At the heart of any smart city plan is the aspiration to improve the lives of citizens, which lends itself to the development of new, innovative solutions using tech and data as enablers, a SUEZ spokesperson said.

“A critical element of a successful smart city is ensuring that a sustainability plan is in place for the most precious of natural resources – water. A sustainable supply of water ensures that urban spaces and the people that live in them, not only survive but thrive,” they said.

“Using the Internet of Things, sensors deliver data and insights that can assist residents and industry to make better decisions about water usage and, ultimately, improve the life of our citizens and the environment.”

NEC Australia CEO Mitsuhiro Murooka said that, working together, the two companies are well placed to help turn the Western Parkland vision into reality.

“NEC and SUEZ will bring unmatched, international expertise to the development of smart cities in Australia. Our partnership has the potential to deliver life changing innovations for the government's consideration, particularly for Sydney’s new city,” he said.

“With a key focus on environmental sustainability and contribution to managing the circular economy through utilisation of NEC’s leading big data digital smart city management platform, we have no doubt we will be able to deliver some incredible opportunities to drive a smarter future.”