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Murdoch Uni students provide desalination solutions in India

Moerk Water was invited by Murdoch University to accompany environmental engineering students on a trip to India as part of the Australian Government's new Colombo Plan program.

The Murdoch University students partnered with engineering students from the Carmel College of Engineering in Alappuzha, India to demonstrate and present Moerk Water's solar-powered portable reverse osmosis (RO) unit to villages in the Kerala region.

In front of an audience of peers and news reporters, the students tested a heavily polluted water source thought to contain bacteria and contaminants such as pesticides and agricultural runoff, and demonstrated the ease of setting up the unit within 10 minutes to produce clean, World Health Organisation standard drinking water.

Students demonstrating the unit.

Murdoch University’s Dr Kuruvilla Mathew said there is a need for desalination equipment like Moerk Water's solution.

“This is a very helpful tool to provide good and safe drinking water to areas where there is strong scarcity of drinking water,” Mathew said.

The program involved students travelling around the state to various villages and setting up a portable water purification system to provide people with clean and free drinking water.