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Sanitaire TurboBLOWERS are not your traditional blowers

Sanitaire TurboBLOWER

In a typical wastewater treatment plant, the blowers in an aeration system are the single highest energy consumer.

Still, some of the most common established blower technologies do not deliver the required results. Sanitaire TurboBLOWERS are direct-drive, high-speed, turbo blowers using the latest airfoil bearing technology to deliver unmatched results with low energy consumption.

What is a high-speed turbo blower?
A turbo blower produces compressed air with an impeller rotating at high speed. To reach high turbo speeds, centrifugal/turbo blowers have traditionally used standard motors and additional gears, resulting in increased complexity and a need for maintenance-intensive airflow control parts. High-speed turbo blowers use a direct-coupled impeller that is connected to a permanent magnet synchronous motor operated by a variable frequency drive (VFD) to reach higher speeds and at the same time enable flow control.

Sanitaire TurboBLOWERS utilise this technology. They are single stage, centrifugal-type turbo blowers consisting of state-of-the-art air bearings of bump type, a high-precision aluminium alloy impeller, a high-speed permanent magnet motor, an inverter VFD and a premium controller to deliver the required airflows at the highest energy efficiency.

Core drive unit/impeller

Solid impeller design directly correlates to higher precision and high efficiency. The 5-axis, CNC-milled impeller is made from aluminium with an anodized coating ensuring strength and corrosion protection. The impeller is designed for potential turndown capabilities from 40% to 100% at constant pressure providing wide flow range, and a high surge margin allowing for greater stability.

Patented motor cooling

High-speed motors for turbo machines are small in size with high power rating. The ability to keep the motor cool directly affects output and life expectancy. High pressure models also use liquid cooling in addition to the patented air cooling as needed.

Airfoil bearing — nano silver triple treatment bearing (NSTB)

The airfoil bearing uses an air curtain generated by the rotor’s revolution to control the levitation of the rotating assembly, without the need for ancillary equipment or backup power supply. The nano silver triple treatment increases the durability of the material and extends the life of the bearing. When tested, the NSTB can withstand over 55,000 starts and stops and 80,000 hours of normal operation for all blower sizes.

High-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM)

The PMSM is a superior technology that only has minor losses with load changes compared to standard induction motors. The shaft is directly connected to the impeller, resulting in zero transmission losses. The motor size is only 1/10 of a conventional motor.

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