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Blower system integration

White paper: How to achieve optimum aeration efficiency and reliability

Each step of the wastewater treatment process is essential in ensuring that water is properly purified. When effluent ends up in a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), substances such as pulp, food and waste must be removed before the water can be properly cleaned and returned for use.

After this stage, the water then requires further scrubbing with the aid of bacteria. Here, compressed air plays a vital role.

Blower air is indispensable to the biological processes that take place in a WWTP. Blower system integration — on both the blower and the system level — is essential in order to maximise energy efficiency and reliability, ensuring that this critical service is readily available for the communities that the WWTP serves.

In this white paper, Kaeser Compressors look at three key factors that can assist a WWTP in optimising the efficiency and reliability of its blower aeration process.

For further information, download the full white paper here.