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SA Branch Committee Member Profile - Julien Anese 

Julien Anese is Senior Manager, Innovation, Research & Development at Osmoflo. We sat down with Julien to find out more about him.

1.    What drew you to the water industry and why?
I guess I love our spaceship called Earth, so I have always been curious to understand it and protect it. Our planet is blue, full of water, hard to imagine why people are dying of thirst! This kind of mystery attracted me into water.

2.    What did you study at secondary school and University?
I studied in France, with a Bachelor’s degree in Earth sciences, a Master’s Degree in Environment and another Master’s Degree specialised in Hydro-informatics.

3.    What has been your career pathway?

An interesting journey in the water industry for 17 years now. I love travel, so I have been based >1 year in several countries, in chronological order: Benin, China, New Zealand, France, Cambodia and Australia. I took the opportunity to work in Consulting, Operation, Research and Innovation. 

4.   What has been the most rewarding part of your career in water so far?
I would say people, I have worked and met very good people in the water industry with common purpose and values, regardless of the firm or the country!

5.    Why did you get involved in with the Australian Water Association and become a member?
When I arrived in Australia with my backpack, I knew nobody in the local water industry. I decided to join the AWA Mentoring program as a mentee and learn from my mentor. This was invaluable to me, I still catch-up with my mentor after 8 years! 

6.    What would your career and professional work advice to the 16-year-old you be?
Always be respectful with your peers, you never know if they are going to become your client, colleague, manager or direct report – life is full of surprise.

7.    Please provide a sentence or paragraph why your organisation is involved as a corporate member with the AWA.
Osmoflo is the largest Australian-headquartered global desalination and water recycling company with a mission to create a circular future for water. Being a corporate member with the Australian Water Associations allows collaboration and contributions to a sustainable water future.