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Meet our new SA Branch Committee Member Claire Hayward

Every SA Source will have a Committee Member profiled and we did quite a few last issue. This issue we have a YWP Committee member to profile. We ask them to tell us a bit about their careers in water and reason for getting involved: Claire Hayward – Associate Lecturer, Flinders University, Young Water Professional Committee – joined 2023

1.    What drew you to the water industry and why?
The water industry has provided a fantastic opportunity to combine many of my interests and passions in one field. Embarking on a research career in the environmental health and water quality industries has allowed me to investigate the pivotal role of microorganisms in aquatic ecosystems, whilst also facilitating the translation of my research to inform policy to safeguard public health through innovative water treatment strategies and management. 

2.    What has been the most rewarding part of your career in water so far?

Being able to work collaboratively with industry partners for my PhD was an opportunity I didn’t think I would have so early in my research career. This research was conducted in response to broad regulatory change and has opened pathways for further collaboration both domestically and internationally. 

3.    What are you hoping to achieve being part of the SA YWP Committee?

I am passionate that effective and efficient policy development requires collaboration from all areas of the water industry, and I am excited for the opportunity to expand my network of colleagues throughout diverse circles. I believe that my experience as an associate lecturer at Flinders University, PhD candidate in waterborne infection control and a qualified environmental health officer provides me with a unique perspective and skill set to contribute to the committee. My experience in academic and regulatory contexts provides me with a strong understanding of the public health implications of drinking water resource management, as well as the regulatory frameworks that govern these systems.

4.    If you were deserted on an island what 3 things would you want?
-    Phone
-    SPF sunscreen 
-    Coffee