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WaterGroup and mIoT partner up to transform the way businesses save water

 IoT Technology

WaterGroup and IoT technology manufacturer mIoT have established a strategic partnership that will see the expanded use of mIoT’s Captis IoT solution to transform the way Australian commercial and industrial businesses monitor and save their water.

Captis utilises Telstra’s Cellular LPWAN networks, built for scaled IoT deployment and providing cost-effective, long-range network coverage. WaterGroup has adopted NB-IoT enabled smart water meters and has provided innovative water management solutions to Australian businesses for more than 15 years, making them an ideal distribution partner for the Captis solution for commercial water users.

Captis technology allows commercial business owners and property managers to monitor their water usage online, reduce leaks through detection, and secure significant savings around their water usage.

“mIoT with its innovative Captis solution connecting to a subset of the telcos 4G/5G network has finally allowed us to reach that inflection point where the benefits of the technology far outweigh the cost,” said Guenter Hauber-Davidson, WaterGroup’s Managing Director.

“We are saving our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in avoided water bills every month. Last month, the Captis solution was installed on a normal, mechanical water meter and with data sent to the cloud using the NB-IoT network, allowed a large shopping centre to identify and fix a leak within two months. Previously it would have gone on for 2-3 years, costing the company $180,000.”

“We are very pleased to be partnering with WaterGroup to distribute the Captis solution. Captis has been deployed at scale by Australian water utilities over the last four years, so we’re eager to see the benefits of this technology utilised by commercial customers,” said John Naughton, mIoT’s Chief Executive Officer.

Both organisations stressed the sustainability element, with Captis putting control back in the customer's hands regarding their water usage behaviour.

Mr Naughton adds, “More and more businesses are considering their environmental impact and are making conscious efforts to improve sustainability.

“Businesses could save a huge amount of money by making water management a key part of their environmental strategy.”

Combining Captis technology with WaterGroup’s water management software UtiliOS, businesses can easily access data that quickly highlights any untoward water consumption or leaks. It allows the site manager to intervene well before millions of litres of precious drinking water costing thousands of dollars have gone down the drain. WaterGroup also offers its AWARE service as part of its end-to-end solution, which assists personnel in getting to those leaks quickly and easily, and maximising savings.