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National Water Week 2023 – United by Water

Get involved in National Water Week

Each year, AWA hosts National Water Week in the third week of October. In 2006, the Australian Government appointed the AWA as the official organiser of National Water Week and we’re pleased to announce that the AWA has partnered with the Federal Government in a three-year agreement to help elevate National Water Week's profile.

National Water Week (NWW) is a national, public-facing campaign hosted by the AWA to inspire individuals, communities, and organisations to build awareness around the value of water.  

The campaign encourages Australians to work together on water issues and future fixes. It’s also a reminder to everyone that access to clean water is hugely important to our daily lives, and it’s down to all of us to protect our water environments and resources and use water wisely.  

For the AWA as the National Host for the week, we encourage individuals, organisations, schools, and communities to create, take part in, organise, and promote National Water Week events, activities, and educational resources.

Every year National Water Week focuses on a broad theme allowing all communities with the opportunity to participate.  The 2023 National Water Week theme is United by Water, homologous to the Ozwater’23 theme. It celebrates water's vital role in connecting us all. Water touches every aspect of development. It drives economic growth, supports healthy ecosystems, and is essential and fundamental for life and First Nations Culture. 

United by Water acknowledges the important role water plays across all dimensions of our society and culture. Working in partnership across sectors, across countries, with our communities and with Traditional Knowledge in an inclusive and respectful way, will be required to tackle our current and future challenges,” said Corinne Cheeseman, AWA CEO.

To get involved in National Water Week, individuals, schools, and organisations can go to the official website at to host or support an event, or to find a National Water Week Ambassador to come and speak at your school during the week. Share your water stories and use the hashtags #NationalWaterWeek and #UnitedbyWater to show your support for National Water Week.  

AWA is excited to bring you National Water Week again this October and cannot wait to see the ways in which the water community and people across the country are united by water.