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Environmental hazards specialists Molino Stewart merge with Water Technology

After collaborating for more than a decade, two of Australia’s most experienced water, environmental, and natural hazards management organisations have merged. Water Technology has merged with flood, natural hazards, and environmental consultants Molino Stewart, combining the two businesses’ expertise.

The pairing makes the merged business - which will operate under the Water Technology brand - a significant player in the water and environmental management sector.

Water Technology’s water and coastal management experience complements Molino Stewart’s specialist environmental and natural hazards risk knowledge in creating an expert team across the Australian and New Zealand market.

Water Technology is a leading national consultancy with experience across the extreme diversity of Australia’s environment, with offices located around Australia. Molino Stewart are based in New South Wales and provide specialist flood, natural hazards and environmental management experience along with engagement and education skills to Australia’s most populous state.

Solving water and environmental challenges requires a specialist understanding of the underlying systems at play, both natural and built. By combining scientific insight with clear strategic recommendations, Molino Stewart aims to provide expert insight and practical solutions for a vast array of water, environmental, and natural hazards challenges.

The merged organisation’s combined technical expertise spans a range of specialities including ecology, natural hazards, hydrogeology, hydrology, coastal and marine, wastewater, geomorphology, environmental assessment and auditing, stakeholder engagement and community education, and civil and environmental engineering.

“Water Technology delivers practical solutions to complex problems, designed and engineered with the future of Australia’s communities in mind," said Steve Clark, Managing Director at Water Technology.

“With the harsh effects of climate change already being felt in communities around the country, the merging of Water Technology and Molino Stewart’s expertise to create a single consultancy powerhouse couldn’t come soon enough.

“Our newly merged business takes a strategic, long-term approach to management, in order to maintain the health of Australia’s water and surrounding environment for current and future generations.”

Steven Molino, founding principal at Molino Stewart said “Australia’s complex environmental challenges require a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach that tackles the problem from all angles. The merged business delivers practical and affordable solutions to manage the impacts of climate change on people, property and the environment.”