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City of Sydney commits to water recycling at Green Square

The City of Sydney is building a new town centre in Green Square, including a decentralised stormwater recycling system to contribute to the city’s water-sensitive city targets.

City of Sydney Specialist Project Manager Ebony Heslop will be presenting at the upcoming Ozwater’18 conference, where she will detail the city’s commitment to water recycling.

“The city has a long-term commitment to water recycling and reducing our use of potable water where possible,” Heslop said.

“Our long-term plan, Sustainable Sydney 2030, outlines a vision for a water sensitive city and that’s why we’re investing in this infrastructure.

“The Green Square project will introduce alternate water sources for residents and reduce stormwater pollution discharged into our waterways.

“The recycled water will be used in anything that doesn’t need potable water, such as toilets, washing machines, car park wash bays and to irrigate open spaces and gardens.

Heslop said the size of the Green Square redevelopment meant it was the “perfect opportunity” to implement a large-scale stormwater reuse system.

“A whole new town centre is being developed and re-zoned. With the renewal of the area, applying a decentralised stormwater recycling system was an obvious opportunity,” she said.

“The chance to renew 14 hectares in the inner city comes along once in a lifetime, so we wanted to make sure we got it absolutely right for generations of city residents to enjoy.

“It’s an exciting project to work on, one which has had great support from the community and developers.”

The project has been focused on sustainability and environmental impacts, which has diversified options for development and created an exciting vision for the space, Heslop mentioned.

“As we have the Sustainable Sydney 2030 plan, the driver of projects is to meet environmental and sustainability targets, which allows us to focus on water sensitivity targets,” she said.

“I’m really passionate about sustainable water solutions and it’s a privilege to be a part to the delivery team and working on such a challenging project.”

Register for Ozwater’18 to hear more from Ebony Heslop about the Green Square project and implementing decentralised stormwater systems for sustainable water futures.