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National Water Week to be celebrated with full calendar of events

National Water Week (18-24 October 2021) begins Monday and there’s an exciting array of informative and engaging events on offer to help Australian Water Association members and the broader community reflect on its theme of "caring for water and Country".

AWA Chief Executive Corinne Cheeseman said the theme of this year’s National Water Week recognises the importance water plays in our lives, and has been launched in partnership with Spirit Creative, a proudly majority Indigenous owned business.

“It is an opportunity for Australians to reflect on how we can rebuild from our turbulent recent years of floods, drought and fires in the face of climate change and the COVID pandemic,” she said.

“Caring for water and Country means rebuilding a strong future by learning more from the cultural practices of Traditional Custodians and we are proud to partner with Spirit Creative to bring this year’s National Water Week theme to life.”

As part of the partnership, Spirit Creative artist Dennis Golding produced an artwork titled Our Waters. The inspiration for the artwork derives from his strong connection to Country and from the freshwater and saltwater regions of northern and north-west NSW.

“The patterns flow through different water streams and continue the paths around the circular motifs that often reference meeting places and waterholes,” Golding said.

“The waters operate as a protector of these grounds to acknowledge First People’s connection to land and waters as they too care for Country now, and who have done so for thousands of years.”

During National Water Week, AWA will be hosting and promoting a range of events to encourage the water sector and the communities they serve to connect and learn more about water and the integral role it plays.

Inspire Reconciliation webinar (October 2021)

AWA's Inspire Reconciliation webinar is available for all AWA members to view during October 2021, with SUEZ Sustainability Manager Stephanie Lebeau, Sydney Water Indigenous Inclusion Specialist Veronica Murphy and Head of Diversity and Inclusion Rosalind Reidy, and Water Corporation Aboriginal Communities Water Services Program Specialist Jordin Payne exploring the journey of reconciliation for all Australians.

National Poster Competition (October and November 2021)

Proudly supported by Nylex, the 2021 National Water Week Poster Competition is inviting all primary school students to reflect on what ‘caring for water and Country’ means to them, and get creative! Registration for the competition is now open, with entries closing 11 November at midnight.

WaterAid Walk for Water (18-22 October)

The WaterAid Walk for Water is held every year during National Water Week, encouraging teams of all fitness levels to walk, run or ride for one hour per day to create awareness and raise funds for WaterAid’s vital water, sanitation and hygiene projects throughout Cambodia, Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste.

Sydney Water Innovation Festival (18-20 October)

The Sydney Water Innovation Festival brings together insights and discussions to explore how to create a better life for communities through innovation, hosting an impressive list of keynote speakers, Shark Tank themed innovation pitch sessions, design sprints, smart city hackathons and meaningful conversation about water.

Explore Your Backyard (18-26 October)

Hosted by the Victorian Educators Network, and joined by water utilities around the state, the Explore Your Backyard online learning festival is all about water awareness and education for children, schools and communities.

Merri Creek Women’s Walk (20 October)

Melbourne’s Merri Creek Women’s Walk aims to make a positive change by celebrating the Merri Creek community’s connection to the land and water, and inspire care for the iconic urban waterway.

Smart Approved WaterMark Water Night (21 October)

Water Night is back again, challenging households around Australia to take their hand off the tap for one night! The event aims to foster awareness of water use and encourages participants to think more about how much water they use on a daily basis.

Interested in learning more about National Water Week 2021? Visit us here.