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Ballina Shire Council is celebrating National Water Week

With temperatures rising and little rain in sight, the importance of water to every aspect of the world is more evident than ever.

National Water Week, held from 21 to 27 October, is an annual opportunity to highlight this precious resource and the role we all play to help protect it. 

This year the Australian Water Association is taking a global approach and encouraging the next generation to turn off the tap. This big picture focus has been inspired by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, which identify 17 sustainable goals for young people to unite and take action to meet by 2030. These goals include creating sustainable communities and delivering quality water for all. 

Ballina Shire Council (BSC) is joining the National Water Week conversation and leading by example.

“It’s easy to think our actions are just a drop in the ocean, but to make a difference globally we need to start local," BSC Acting Manager Water and Wastewater Belinda Fayle said.

"[This could mean] installing a rainwater tank or teaching your kids to turn off the tap when they clean their teeth."

Ballina Shire Council staff.

Fayle said BSC also understands the role it plays as a local water utility and is using today’s technology to improve tomorrow’s water network.

“Our water and wastewater section are always looking to best practice and new technologies to improve our water quality and network," she said.

"Over the last few years, we’ve increased our recycled water service, improved our infrastructure and used detailed data to identify water loss.

“Last summer was long, hot and dry. These conditions caused record recycled water usage and proved the importance of the drought-proof water source. Each litre of recycled water used by our residents saves a litre of precious drinking water."

Smart metering is another way BSC is saving water. 

“Our smart water metering service was introduced to help manage water loss and save our customers from nasty leaks," Fayle said.

"The service involves installing a small electronic device onto a customer’s water meter. This device provides hourly water consumption data, which identifies usage spikes which could mean the property has a concealed water leak."

The BSC supplies 10.5 ML of water each day through 330 km of water mains.

To celebrate National Water Week and help the community learn more about the water cycle, the council is inviting residents to attend a tour of the Ballina Wastewater Treatment Plant on Saturday 26 October. To RSVP email or call 1300 864 444.